School Vouchers

Est. 1869

What is the school vochers

School Vouchers is a certificate of funding issued by the government, which the parents of a schoolchild have control of and are able to direct towards the public or private school of their own choosing to fully or partially pay for the tuition of their child at that school for that year, term or semester.

Positive and Negitive aspects

  • Helps kids go any where they would like.
  • Helps kids who don't have money to go to good schools
  • Having the government involved with your schooling
  • It's only for a year

Guaranteed to help more kids have a brighter future

Fun Facts:

  • A system of educational vouchers was introduced in the Netherlands in 1917.
  • Today, more than 70% of pupils attend privately run but publicly funded schools, mostly split along denominational lines.
  • In some Southern states during the 1960s, school vouchers were used as a method of perpetuating segregation. In a few instances, public schools were closed outright and vouchers were issued to parents.
  • Today, all modern voucher programs prohibit racial discrimination.