Mrs. Heisdorf's Newsletter

Forward Exam - Next 2 weeks

We are in the final stretch of preparations for the Forward Exam. The third grade exam is split into two parts. One is a a language arts section and the second part is math.

Exam Prep

Here are a few things that you can do at home to set up a great exam week for your child:

1. Bedtime

Setting a specific bedtime can ensure that they are getting as much sleep as their little growing bodies need.

2. Breakfast

Make sure your child has a well balanced breakfast. Try to avoid sugary foods as those lead to sluggish feelings later in the morning.

3. Stress

Try and not put any stress on your child about the exam. We always talk about trying their best and taking their time because we want them to do well but not feel worried.

Upcoming Events

5/2 Talent Show Try-outs starting at 3:30 pm

5/5 Talent Show 6:00 pm

5/9 - 5/12 Spring Book Fair

5/12 Grandparents Day

5/20 Spring Event