Suzanne Collins

By Jacob Fritz

Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins before she became a writer; has been a writer on the cast of Nickelodeon. Suzanne while working on the cast of Alice in wonderland got the idea of Gregor the Overlander. Suzanne was born on August 10 in 1962 in Hartford Connecticut. Suzanne has four siblings and has an Air Force Officer as a father. Suzanne as a little girl moved a lot of places because of her father’s air force base. When Suzanne was a teen she wound up in the south and graduated from a school in Alabama. After high school Collins enrolled in Indiana University and got a double major in theater and telecommunications then went to New York to major in dramatic writing. Suzanne an internationally best series. Can you guess what series it is…….. The Hunger Games! The idea came from watching TV at night. Suzanne has two adopted kids and 4 grandkids. Suzanne now lives happily married in Hartford Connecticut.

Catching Fire

Catching Fire is the sequel to the Hunger Games. In the first games Katniss and Peeta survived but a new challenge faces them. They have to go back in. Every 25 years the capital throws something random out for the quarter quell. And this quarter quell the last victors from each district must come back to fight. Can Katniss defy the president or will she die miserably?

Mocking Jay

Mockingjay is the sequel to Catching Fire. In Mockingjay Katniss finds herself without her star crossed lover. While Katniss escapes to district 13 Peeta finds himself under control of the capitol trapped and being tortured. Now Katniss has one thing to live for… to kill Snow. Under command of president coin Katniss finds herself going into the capitol but the plot takes a twist.

When Charlie lost Power

When a thunderstorm hit Charlie McButton lost all his technology and needs batteries but the only batteries are in his sisters beloved talking doll. Will Charlie Take his sister’s batteries or try to survive without technology?

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