Reasons Not To Visit Indian Island

By : Allan Pinto

Stranded !

Why would you want to visit a stranded island ? It just makes no sense to why you would want to go to an over-sized rock in the middle of no where with only a huge mansion on it. Doesn't it just sound so boring ?!

Let the fact sink in your head that there is no Wifi !

Come On Your Surrounded By Water

If you went to Indian Island you would be bored out of your mind once you have done everything possible on that little island. What if everyone on that island is really annoying and you just don't want anything to do what them. You cant do anything about it ... and you wanna know why ? Because, your on an island with no way of getting off !

Mrs. Vera

" When I got a letter telling me to come to Indian Island I got so happy ! I was thinking to myself about how awesome a trip going to an island would be ... but thats when I was wrong. The moment I got to the island it was small. It just looked dead. The people there were also really rude from the boat ride to the island. I didn't like any of them so far and knowing I was going to be on an island, I would be trapped by there arrogance. There is nothing to do once you have done everything on the island. Its so boring. I wasted a good portion of my life going on this trip. When someone asks me have i been anywhere besides England I would say ive been to a tacky island that has nothing interesting on it. So if you were to take my opinion dont go on this trash island. "