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Bagpipe Lessons at TWHS (Free)

The Bagpipe Club at TWHS is taking recruits to learn the art of playing the bagpipe. Club members play a big role in Highlander life. They pipe at football games, rallies, banquets, and other sporting events.

A class of beginners is forming end of October at TWHS. The club meets Monday afternoons.

Contact Craig Livingston at or call 936.273.7329.

Craig Livingston

TWHS Piping Instructor


History Instructor Montgomery College 25 years

Book Club

Do you like to read? Do you like to share information about books with others? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may like to join the McCullough Book Club. Please see Mrs. Nugent or Mrs. Hadix in the library to find out more information.

Charity League

The purpose of this club is to support CISD charities and be productive and supportive members of this school and community. See Ms. Chambers in room B222.

Chess Club

Are you a chess master or a newbie trying to remember where the horse moves? Either way come to chess club and play a game or teach us some new strategies. See Ms. Chambers in room B222 for more information or Ms. Robinson-Gregg. Join chess club, all skill levels are welcome.

Climbing Club

If you like climbing or you want to learn more about climbing, come climb with us. We meet once a month at Clube Woodlands. For more information, see Ms. Markle in room E108.

Destination Imagination

Students work with a team, of no more than 7 students, to complete a challenge, (Fine Arts, Technical, Scientific, Engineering, Project outreach, or Improvisational) over several months. Each challenge involves team work, research, problem solving, time management skills, and so much more. The day of competition, usually in Feb, the teams will compete against other teams in our region by presenting their solution to the challenge in skit form. They will also compete in an instant challenge that they do not know anything about until they walk into the room at competition and must complete in a limited amount of time. If they place 1st in their category, they will move onto the state level and possibly up to global. This requires meetings with teams after school and sometimes on weekends, and independent work in between meetings. It is time consuming, but the skills learned and fun the students have solving their challenges, makes it worth the time and effort. See Ms. Kissner in room E203 for more information.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Students are invited to participate in the excitement and adventure of Dungeons and Dragons Club. D& D is a roleplaying game that is all about storytelling in worlds of sword and sorcery. To join the club, just show up at 8:00 am (or whenever you arrive at school) on Wednesday mornings in the downstairs library. If you haven't played before, we will be happy to show you how. Our meetings begin this week and will take place every Wednesday morning before school starting at 8:00 am in the downstairs library. We hope to see you there!

For more information, please contact Donna Meyer at email address: or Kara Roberts at email address:


The ExploraVision competition for K-12 students engages the next generation in real world problem solving with a strong emphasis on STEM. ExploraVision challenges students envision and communicates new technology 10 or more years in the future through collaborative brainstorming and research of current science and technology. See Ms. Beineman in room B110.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at McCullough is an organization that strives to support all students regardless of religion or participation in athletics. The group has a leadership component of around 10 students that meet twice a week during advisory. During these meetings, students plan a presentation to give in front of students at the schoolwide meeting. The schoolwide meeting is always on Thursdays at 8am in the LGI. During the schoolwide meeting, the leadership team discuss struggles that their peers are facing at this age and offer ways for students to cope through testimony, bible study and prayer. The group creates media and posters to put around the school, plans functions and throughout the year become a tight knit group. The FCA is led by Coach Corley and Coach Skinner.

Junior Thespians

Organization for students who wish to be a part of an international theatre honor society. For actors and techies. Please see Ms. Murphy if interested.

McCullough Green Recycling Team

Join the McCullough Green Recycling Team! We collect and process recyclables and promote waste reduction.
  • Share your passion for the environment with others
  • Be a leader and make a difference
  • Do something positive with other students
  • Enjoy an active advisory

Visit Mrs. Van der Stock in B209 to pick up an application.

National Junior Art Society

The McCullough Chapter of the National Junior Art Honor Society strives to inspire and recognize students who have shown outstanding ability in art and maintain good academic standing in their other courses. Students are committed to furthering their creative abilities and talents as well as bringing art awareness to the school and community. Students must be currently enrolled in an art class at McC. Applications can be picked up from the student's art teacher. Meetings are held in D105. Please see Ms. Owen or Ms. Willeford.

Origami Club

Welcome paper folders of all levels of skill, whether you can fold a crane or just fold a piece of paper in half, we have a place for you in Origami club! Come make friends, widen your circle, and learn a relaxing skill in the process. See Ms. Robinson-Gregg.

Robotics Club

Please see Mr. Hornsby and/or Mr. Arnold in rooms E105/E106 if you would like more information.

Science Bowl

Science Bowl is a highly competitive science education and academic event among teams of high school and middle school students who compete in a fast-paced verbal forum to solve technical problems and answer questions in all branches of science and math. Each team is composed of four students, one alternate student, and a coach. Your coaches are: Ms. Eason in room B114 and Ms. Loftis in room B112.

Student Council

The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. Our mission is to improve McCullough and the student experience by supporting student events and facilitating communication between the student community, school administration, and faculty. All students are welcome to join the Student Council. Join today and let your voice be heard! See Mrs. Ha in B208 for more information.

Theatre Club

Theatre Club is for those students who wish to participate in theatre after school on Green Wednesdays from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. We play games, and do Improvisation. Please contact Ms. Murphy or Ms. Kraft

UIL Academics Overall

Compete against the other junior high schools in CISD in 8 academic contests. Teams meet semi-weekly to practice and there is one contest per year. See Ms. Driver in room A205.

UIL Academic Art

Two small teams of 7th and 8th grade students who together study paintings from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. and from selected Texas museums. The Art Smart Bulletin, published every other year, is the source for study of history and art elements relative to the 30 art selections. As part of their study, students will demonstrate an understanding of art history and interpret ideas and moods in original artworks while making informed judgments about the artwork.

Part A of the contest requires the contestant to identify the names of 15 selected artists and titles of pictures selected randomly by the director from the official list of 30 pictures. Part B consists of 30 questions about art history and art elements characteristic of the 30 art selections. Students who rank in the top 3 scores at the district meet are awarded medals. See Ms. Willeford in room D104

UIL Impromptu Speaking

Contestants will draw three topics and have three minutes to prepare a speech, which must be presented without any notes. The contest gives participants experience in thinking, organizing, formulating clear thoughts, and delivering those thoughts to an audience effectively. See Mr. Kissner in room B219.

UIL Maps, Charts & Graphs

Map, Charts, and Graphs is a club designed to help students prepare for UIL competition. Students practice reading maps and using an atlas. They use study materials to answer questions about the maps and charts as they plan for competition with other schools in CISD. Students who have an interest in geography may be interested in joining this club. See Ms. Luchak in room C114.

UIL Math

This contest includes problems covering, but not limited to: numeration systems, arithmetic operations involving whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, exponents, order of operations, probability, statistics, number theory, simple interest, measurements and conversions. Geometry and algebra problems may be included as appropriate for the grade level. See Ms. Driver in room A205.

UIL Modern Oratory

In Modern Oratory, students will select one of a list of topics, determine the critical issues in the topic, and acknowledge both pro and con points citing support discovered in their research. Students will choose a side they will defend and support that side with additional evidence. Along with the skills of analysis, research, note-taking, documentation, evaluation and decision-making come those of delivery and the skill of memorization. See Ms. Niemeyer in room B212..

UIL Number Sense

  • Designed to test students’ mental math abilities (i.e., their ability to solve math problems without the aid of calculators or scratch paper)
  • A UIL Number Sense competition involves a ten-minute, 80 question mental math test covering all junior high mathematics courses. See Ms. Brown in room C210.
  • UIL Oral Reading

    Reading literature out loud provides opportunities for students to analyze the text, to grow and to develop as a performer, to communicate a message to an audience and to perform an artistic creation. See Ms. Kraft in room B100.

    UIL Science

    Contestants complete a timed, written test that consists of approximately 35 multiple choice questions within 45 minutes. Emphasis for the science contest will be placed on knowledge of scientific fact, understanding of scientific principles and the ability to think through scientific problems. The contest is designed to test not only memory but the ability to think critically about science and science concepts. We typically practice twice a month, with one competition in the spring semester. See. Ms. LeBouef in room B109.

    Writer's Club

    This club is created for students to have a safe place to create and share writing. Please see Ms. Shubatt in room B204.

    Yu-Gi-Oh Club

    Students meet with peers to trade Poke'mon cards and play the Yu-Gi-Oh game. This Club meets in room B109 on Red Mondays and Red Fridays with Ms. Lebouef.

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