By Nina Cuccarese

What Is Astronomy?

Astronomy is a branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space and the physical universe as a whole.

The required degree for most astronomers is a Master's Degree.

To be completely honest, there aren't many jobs for astronomers, but then again, there aren't really many astronomers.

College: University of Texas at Austin

UT-Austin - Located in Austin, Texas, this university offers the Astronomy major, has an average of 39,523 students, and a students-faculty ratio of 17:1. This university requires you to have your SAT or ACT scores, as well as that, they admit about 40% of applicants.

They have many sports there as well, such as archery, soccer, and rock climbing.

A few of their majors are Business/Marketing, Engineering, Social Sciences.

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College: University of California: Los Angeles

UCLA - located in Los Angeles, California - offers the Astronomy major, Biology major, Psychology major, and many more, and has an average total of 29,633 students. The students-faculty ratio is 17:1 as well. This school requires that you have your SAT or ACT scores to apply, and the acceptance rate is 18%.
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Colleges: Princeton University

Princeton - located in Princeton, New Jersey - offers the astronomy major along with Social Sciences, Engineering, and Biology. This school has and average number of 5,391 students, and the students-faculty ratio is 6:1.
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Financial Costs of UCLA


In-State: $33,325

Out of State: $56,203

Avg. Financial Aid: $24,284

Scholarships Available from the University:

- Clay Trust Honors Scholarship

- D. Lewis and Lynn Bosley Mingori Undergraduate Scholarship

Scholarships Available NOT from the University:

- PTA Scholarship from CTMS

- Scholarship


- Fund for Astrophysical Research

- Theodore Dunham, Jr. (Grants for Reasearch in Astronomy)

Total Cost:



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