Arabic 1 Course Newsletter 2

Ahlan Was Sahlan- أهلاً و سهلاً _Culture Cafe Details

Your kids/students ROCK!

I am so thrilled to work with you kids and so grateful that you shared them with me this semester. They are amazing learners and serious students about their education, which is very refreshing to see. This is clearly apparent just by challenging themselves at an early age to take such a CRITICAL language like Arabic.

Join us Thursday, September 28 at 8:30-9:30pm for our 1st Arabic Culture Cafe!

What is Culture Cafe?

Culture Café is a unique experience to NCVPS that allows students from all sections, levels and languages to come together in a live, online classroom and learn about a wide variety of cultural aspects from the different countries represented by the languages taught at NCVPS. Students are welcome to attend any scheduled session. Extra credit is currently offered to students that attend live Culture Café sessions.

How to Attend Arabic Culture Cafe Session?

There are 2 possible ways to access the Adobe Connect classroom for Culture Cafe:
  • By computer (which is the best option). To do this, click on the guest access link
  • By mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Droid, Nexus, etc. (with the Adobe Connect iTunes app or Google Play app). To do this, you'll need to copy/paste or type in the guest access link into the app once installed and opened.

You can also attend by clicking on NCVPS Culture Cafe Icon in Arabic courses in Canvas as explained in the pictrue below!

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Teacher Contact Information

  • Once your children log in to my course, they will come across the "Dashboard", which will lead them to Arabic 1 course.
  • On the bottom of "Home" page, they will see my contact information . See picture below for my phone number and email. Pleas have that info handy so you can communicate with me at any time in the semester.
  • I will be sending you weekly updates on what's happening in Arabic 1 so you are aware of what your children are working on.
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Arabic 1 Due Date Calendar- Please PRINT

**Please print this calendar and have your children check off the tasks as they complete them

What assignments are due by end of week!

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CLICK to see your child's Language Coaching Schedule

The final language coaching schedule is set for your children. They know that they have to meet 2xs a week for 45 min. with their assigned coach in a virtual classroom called Collaborate Ultra.

Below is information on how to signup as an observer in the course.

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I am looking forward to working with all of you. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.