Chapman Charger Staff Update


Week #2!

Good morning!

Nothing like recovering from the first week of school with a sick household! So my son and I were forced to rest on the couch and catch up on some of our favorite shows. With that being said, I have notes from the week on what to include in this update, so I hope I don't forget anything

First of all- what an amazing week! I am so excited for the weeks to come!

Secondly, thank you to the second and third grade teachers for giving me the bulk of their afternoon on Friday to review (over and over) lunch and recess procedures. I hope that it helps. If you can review with your students before lunch on Monday, that would be great. We will practice again if needed.

Don't forget that we have a staff meeting on 9/11 at 7:15 AM. Please see the attached agenda.

The first PTO meeting is also on 9/11 at 6 PM in the media center. All teachers are encouraged to attend these meetings. It is a great way to connect with families and to support the group that supports our staff and students. Remember, if you have PTO requests, they do need to be submitted to me first. Please make sure you give me at least 24 hours to review.

We will launch Watch Dogs next week. I know some parents have asked for the sign up. Please let them know it is coming. :)

The 2nd Annual Color Run is September 29th! This was such a fun even last year. I hope all of you will attend.

We will be hosting a Literacy Night in November for K-3. More information will be coming your way to include in your updates but we are hoping for a fun and educational night.

From what I can tell so far, we have 6 students that cannot have their picture published. I want you to continue to Tweet and post pictures as we tell our story of Chapman, but please be respectful of these requests.

NWEA testing starts this week. Remember that Mike is not in the lab on Mondays and on Tuesdays in the AM. If we can get the bulk of our K-2 testing accomplished at this time, that would be helpful. Temporarily, if we need the lab further please schedule on Tuesday in the PM or Wednesday when the art room is available for STEM.

I will speak of it more at our staff meeting, but we need to schedule meetings to review, create and/or adjust goals. Please look at your Danielson Rubric to make sure that your goal is measurable and in an area that you want to show growth in. If you have questions, please see me. I would be happy to help.

First and second year teachers, I would like to meet with you this week. We can combine this with goal meeting if you want to block out one chunk of time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! It definitely feels like fall! Maybe a cider mill is in the near future for my family. I love fall!

Can't wait for another fantastic week! Keep Tweeting and Posting on FB!