Macleans Primary Notices: 28 April

Covid-19 CPF Mon. 2/5 & Winter Uniform Option

Reminders on Orange Light CPF Monday 2 May, 1st Day of Term 2 & Winter Uniform Option

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Two weeks ago the Minister of Education Chris Hipkins announced the move to Orange. The decision to move to Orange was made on public health advice and reflects that we are moving (or have moved) past the peak of cases and our health system is able to cope. We are seeing that cases are declining due to high levels of vaccination and natural immunity after infection. So, what this means for Macleans Primary School - CHANGES IN EFFECT FROM MONDAY 2 MAY, DAY 1 of TERM 2:

Face Masks at Orange

At Orange, face masks are no longer required at school. However, we strongly encourage that face masks continue to be worn by ākonga and staff in Years 4 and above when indoors. Face masks are one of the key health measures that we can use to slow the spread of COVID-19 in indoor settings. If COVID-19 is circulating widely in your community, you may decide that masks are required indoors again for a time. Any student or staff member at MPS who wishes to wear a face mask at Orange can do so. Further, we also ask that your child (if they are Year 4+) continues to bring a mask to school every day. There may be times that we’ll ask them to wear a mask, too. If there are a high number of cases at school or in the community, we may ask that masks are worn in classrooms for a time.

Changes to Physical Distancing

All morning tea and lunches will be back to the same time for the school. 2 x 45 minutes daily which we are introducing school-wide. Please note that we are finding the children are more focussed with the two lots of 45 minutes, a change from 1 x 20 minutes and 1 x 1 hour. This means the core subjects of maths, reading and writing get more attention in the morning when the children are more focussed. This is true for all children, from Y1 to Y6. You may want to encourage children to eat a bit more at morning tea as lunchtime eating is 30 minutes later than children have been used to. Having said that, we have been doing this for a while now because of physical distancing and it seems to be working - the children have adjusted well!

Morning Tea Eating and Daily Notices are from 10.45am to 11.00am and playtime 11.00am-11.30am

Lunch Eating 1.00pm to 1.15pm and playtime from 1.15pm to 1.45pm.


Back to normal. We welcome parents back to assemblies, but please wear a mask. Details on assemblies are usually sent out through class and team communication, typically via seesaw, our online learning and home-school partnership platform.

Parents and Visitors

Please wear a mask when indoors and sign your child in or out if arriving late or leaving early for appts., etc.

Pick Up and Drop Off Times

No more staggered drop off and pick-ups. School starts at 8.55am and parents are asked to drop-off children between 8.30am and 8.45am. School ends at 3pm for everyone, so all children from Year 1 to Year 6 will leave class at 3pm. If parents need to walk their children to and from class, please wear a mask if you need to be inside the school.

We will continue to keep all the other health measures in place at school that we know slow the spread of COVID-19. These include ensuring our indoor spaces are well-ventilated, maintaining good hand hygiene and coughing & sneezing etiquette, appropriate physical distancing whenever we can and, most importantly, staying home if we are sick. We are looking forward to a few less restrictions at MPS and returning to school life that is a bit closer to normal.

Winter Uniform (Maybe Worn From Easter Until Labour Day Weekend)

The beginning of Term 2/Easter signals the changeover to our winter uniform option. John Russell School-wear in Howick HERE sells our uniform. We have limited second-hand uniform for sale from the school office. Please note that the winter uniform is OPTIONAL.

Winter Option for Boys & Girls

  • Monogrammed gold knit long-sleeved polo shirt
  • Monogrammed royal blue polar-fleece sweatshirt.
  • Black leather shoes, not sandals, are to be worn with the winter option

Winter Option for Boys:

  • Monogrammed blue cotton trousers

Winter Option for Girls:

  • Monogrammed navy bootleg trousers (please note that these are being 'phased out' and you may not be able to purchase them)
  • Tartan skirt
  • Monogrammed navy blue culottes
  • Navy blue tights or white or navy ankle socks to be worn with skirt

Ngā mihi

Matthew Cooke



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