SOAR Updates


Principal's Message

What an exciting week at SOAR High School! It was such a pleasure to welcome our students back to campus and meet many of you at our Back to School Night Family BBQ!

You can best support your student's success at SOAR by 1) teaching students to advocate for themselves, 2) helping students establish an organizational system, 3) helping student learn how to mange time, 4) encouraging participation in clubs, community service, and activities, 5) checking PowerSchool to stay up to date on grades, missing work, and attendance, and 6) downloading the AVHSD app.

I would like to encourage you to get involved! If you're interested in volunteering or participating on our School Site Council, please reach out to me at Elections for School Site Council will be held in the coming weeks.

I hope that you are finding our website and my weekly SOAR Updates both helpful and informative. You will receive a weekly SOAR Update, which is emailed, texted, and shared on the app with parents, students, and staff on Friday evenings at 6pm. We also upload them to the SOAR website ( under the "About" Tab then "Updates." Additionally, we maintain several social media sites. If you want to stay current with what's happening on SOAR High School's campus, follow us on Instagram @soarhsprincipal or @soarhighschool

With Gratitude,

Wendi Johnston


Drop Off and Pick Up

With the updated bell schedule, the majority of SOAR High School students are departing school at the same time. This is impacting traffic during pick up.

Please note that all students and parents may park in any AVC parking lot on campus. There will be no parking pass required for short term parking to pick up a student. Tickets will be issued only to vehicles violating staff or handicapped parking.

The lots closest to SOAR are near the AVC Softball Stadium/Tennis Courts (E4 and E5 -- off of 32st Street West). Students may be picked up, dropped off, or park in a parking space, using the crosswalk to come onto or leave AVC's campus.

Cars must be in a designated spot -- no dropping off or picking up in the middle of the roadway or at stop signs.

Please help us out by:

  • No parking/waiting in the loading zone or fire lane

  • No dropping off/picking up at a stop sign or in the roadway (we cannot hold up traffic in anyway)

  • Students can be picked up in the loading zone if they are out there waiting for their ride

  • Students can meet their ride in a parking spot (cars must be fulling stopped and in a parking space)

  • Students must use the crosswalk to cross into the parking lot

Thank you for your help!

CA Universial Meals

Beginning in School Year (SY) 2022–23, California became the first state to implement a statewide Universal Meals Program for school children at no cost to our families.

Breakfast is served between 8:00 and 8:30 am on campus, and lunch is served during the lunch period.

Things You Might Like to Know...

  1. AVC Classes begin Monday, Aug. 15

  2. Class of 2023 is holding their Senior Sunrise on Friday, August 19 at the AVC Stadium. Stay updated with the class for more details.

  3. Music club is sponsoring a Kiwanis Duck Race. 1 duck for $5, 4 for $20, 20 for $100. Check Music club’s flyers to purchase a duck.

  4. Class of 2024 is hosting a fundraiser at La Michocana Fundraiser on August 26, 2022 for the whole day at Lancaster Blvd (11am-8pm).

  5. Here are this week’s Board of Control meeting minutes:

SOAR Calendar

Please make note that SOAR High School's calendar looks different than the district's calendar. Our calendar aligns with the Antelope Valley College (AVC) calendar.
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Wellness Corner

Evidence suggests there are 5 steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Trying these things could help you feel more positive and able to get the most out of life!

1. Connect with others - good relationships are important to your mental wellbeing.

2. Be physcially active - being active is not only good for your physical health and fitness, but it can also improve your mental wellbeing.

3. Learn new skills - learning new skills can boost self-confidence, build a sense of purpose, and hep you connect with others.

4. Give to others - acts of giving and kindness can help you feel more positive.

5. Pay attention to the present moment - be mindful in mind and body.

SOAR Streaming

Be a STAR!

STUDENTS, don't forget to Be a STAR no matter where you are -- that's in the classroom, on campus, connected online, or in the community -- again, we're promoting Self advocating, Teachable, Accountable, and Respectful leaders -- STARs -- here at SOAR!

SOAR Stars are also life-long learners and self-advocates who solve the most pressing challenges through an unwavering pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration, becoming engaged and productive leaders in their communities.


We ask that students and families please review our student handbook:

It's important that all members of the SOAR community are familiar with behavioral expectation, academic integrity policies, dress code, etc. Students will be getting a copy of the planner through AVID classes soon. Again, until then, we ask that you review our online version of this document.

Student Illnesses

If your child is feeling unwell, please DO NOT report to school. Stay home and email Jaylene Schaeffer at to report the absence.

For AVC, students should be completing the COVID self screeing through the myAVC portal (, and students will need to report absences to their college professor as well.