Local News 13

By Andrew Withey

Murder In The Park

Shocking news, There has been a murder in the park 2 injured and 1 dead. We found Bobs body laying next to the fountain in the park downtown. The other 2 people involved are in the run. Pony Boy is on the Run with Johnny the murder. Bob was murdered in the afternoon. So far we don't know why Bob was murdered but we will still continue to investigate. Bob was stabbed multiple times with a Switchblade in gut. When we learn more about the murder we will keep you updated.

Church On Fire

Local News 13 exclusive live news! The abandon church on the top of the mountain is on fire. There is a bunch of kids near the church and there are some of them in side of the church. It seems that there are 2 kids running in the church to save the other kids. The kids are safe but 1 of the kids that helped save them got out. The other one is still in the church and the church is starting to sink in. The kid might not get out in time he is half way out of the church window. The building collapsed! A teenager got out if his car to save the kid in the window. The 2 kids that saved the other kids are still unknown. We will keep you updated on this shocking news.