Nessa's Babysitting Fun =^-^=

Lets Have Fun!

Hello Lovely Parents +^-^+

My name is Vanessa, I have been babysitting for 2 years, i love children very much. I would happy to babysit for your cuties. I don't mind taking care of any pets or doing chores too. I am 13 years old, babysit only on weekends so that can stay on task, do my best, and can stay late.
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Fun Information :D

Phone Number: (210) 678-7584

Per Child:$9 an hour

Per Pet: $3 an hour

Chores: $9 extra

A Little Extra

I can be very creative with the child and help with homework. I come a little earlier so that we can go over some stuff and i can meet the child. If i do need to do chores i would like to have instructions somewhere around the house. Please do tell me any extra information such as your routine and the types of games your child loves.