Mining in South Africa

We need to make a change for the miners

There are lots of problems with mining in South Africa

The problem is that the miners are getting injured and hurt while mining in South Africa and they don´t have enough safety while mining so we have to change that. Also, they live in shacks near the mines and they can´t afford much for themselves so we need to make a change to that because they work hard for there country and they get little pay.

We need to make a solution to these problems

A solution that I think would work is economic growth for different reasons. One reason is that if there was economic growth the company could get more safety gear or machines for the miners so it´s less of a risk of getting hurt so it helps the miners. Another reason is so that the miners could get more pay because they get a little pay and they live in small shacks and since they did not get enough pay they went on strike and some of them got killed while on strike.

Some problems of Mining in South Africa

Miners need the right pay, right now

Why is this such a big deal?

I think everybody should be treated the same way no matter who and these miners are not getting treated fairly and so I think that needs to trade because it is getting out of control now.