The Weekly Knot

Vol. 3 Issue 17

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The origins of ballet - Jennifer Tortorello and Adrienne Westwood

Weekly Happenings

B Week

Monday December 5, 2016

Tuesday December 6, 2016

Honor Roll Assemblies

8:45-9:15- Third Grade

9:15-9:45- Fourth Grade

10:45-11:15 Fifth Grade

3rd grade Chorus Practice in the Kindergarten room

Wednesday December 7, 2016

2 hour early dismissal- Click here for the lunch/arts schedule for the day

PD with Sue O'Connell

Thursday December 8, 2016

Instrumental Music Practice

9:00-10:00- 4th and 5th Grade Orchestra (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Advanced Orchestra)

10:30-11:30- 4th and 5th Grade Band (All Flutes, Clarinets, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone & Percussion)

12:30-1:30- Beginning Orchestra (All 3rd Grade Violin, Viola, Cello & 4th/5th gd. beginning strings)

Friday December 9, 2016

3rd Grade Chorus in the Gym: 10-11

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The Media Connection - Library Media News from Ms. Arax

Greetings Felegy Staff! See below for helpful information about book check out, class makeups and Media Center news:

1) Book Check Out Information: The library media program mission is to ensure that all students K-5 have equal and regular access to book check out and library media lessons and curriculum. See below for ways we can ensure all students have access to the library media program.

a) Media Center Schedule

b) We want each student to have a book in their hands for the entire school year (besides the first and last weeks of school for set up and close out)

c) Upper Grade Student Book Check Out Hours are from 7:30-8 am every day (with pass from teacher).

d) Lower Grade Student Book Check Out: If you have students who were absent for my class or are working with me on a reading plan please send them with a pass during student book check out hours (7:30-8 am)

e) Class Makeups - New Policy for All Grades: If you missed class with me please send 5 students at a time during morning student book check out hours with a pass and their books so we can exchange them (between 7:30-8 am).

2) Book Displays in the Library Media Center (various reading levels):

Native American Heritage: Beginning of December

Winter Season: December

New Releases: December

3) Cultural Sensitivity during this Winter Season: As you know, during the winter season there are many different cultural holidays and celebrations and not all of our students celebrate the same holidays (some do not celebrate holidays at all). To help you be inclusive of all students when talking about winter traditions and holidays you can use online resources such as World Book and Culture Grams to support student learning and your teaching. See below for log in instructions and let me know if you need support.

4) Resources for your teaching and professional development:

a) New Releases at the Bonnie Johns Professional Library (Contact for information)

b) LOC Teacher Resource Updates

c) Education Weekly Blog about Media Literacy

5) See below for information on accessing your account in Destiny. Students and staff can access this catalog from anywhere 24/7.

Accessing our Library Media Center Online Catalog

1) Click on:

2) Pick our school by clicking links (and scrolling down): Elementary -> Edward M. Felegy Elementary

3) Log into system: Use the same user id and password as you do for

your PGCPS e-mail

4) You will see Home and Catalog Tabs

a) Home Tab: Offers Online resources, Ebooks, and Teacher Resources

b) Catalog Tab: Search for books that we have in the Media Center, see if they are available and check your account.

Any questions? Stop by the Media Center to chat or e-mail me at