It's Finally Over!!!

The war between the Greeks and the infamous Persians is over

The war between the Greek city-states and the infamous Persian Empire is over. The Persians were defeated in the Battle of Plataea. Here is an interview with two of the veterans of this awful war.

Our interview with the Spartan

We have an interview with 2 of the veterans with us today. One is a Spartan, and the other is Athenian.

Tricia Takanawa: I'm standing here today with one of the survivors of The Battle of Plataea. How are you Sarah?

Sarah Jessica Parker: I'm just happy to be alive.

TT: Great. How was your experience in the war?

SJP: It wasn't as bad as some of the Athenians were putting it out to be. I mean, since we were trained since we were 7 to be amazingly good at killing and fighting, and just survival in general, It was like a walk in the park. But while your strolling through the park, you get shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Plot Twist.

TT: Wasn't it terrifying to see all of the people die and hear the screams of pain?

SJP: Well Tricia, I didn't really notice it. It kind of sounded like my family during parties.

TT: Well, I don't think we need to hear anymore. Thank's for your time.

SJP: My pleasure. But can you do me a favor?

TT: It depends


Our interview with the Athenian

Tricia Takanawa: I am here today with the Athenian veteran that agreed to let us interview him. Hello Micheal Jordan. How are you?

Micheal Jordan: I'm fine.

TT: OK, let's get down to buisness. How was the war, were you frightened, stuff like that, answer.

MJ: Well the war was an awful time with way to much death and violence. I honestly don't even know what we were fighting about in the first place. The death toll was just ridiculous and I can't even begin to comprehend how many lives were taken. I'm sorry but I can't take it, I will not talk of the war anymore. Besides, I'm needed to go help rebuild my city.