Nuclear Fusion Press Release

Garrett Golubeff


May 4, 1938

Just a little bit ago, my team and I have found a discovery that will change everyone's lives forever. It is called Nuclear Fusion. It is a new way to provide energy and electricity to people around the world. It starts with 2 atoms. To create the energy, you combine the 2 atoms. They combine at very high speeds creating a new nucleus. We have found that it is very similar to how the sun works.
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How is it different that Nuclear Fission?

Nuclear fusion consists of combing atoms and nuclear fission is splitting atoms. They both are found in the nucleus of an atom when they occur. Nuclear fission does not occur normally in nature, unlike nuclear fusion does in the sun and stars. They both have radioactive wastes which can be harmful to humans.
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Safety Concerns and Precautions

Safety with Nuclear Fusion is a big deal. It is extremely dangerous to humans. Effects of radiation can be avoided if you have the proper materials such led, aluminum, and some other resources that the particles cannot penetrate.
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Economic Impact

This type of energy source is very expensive to start but in the long run will save lots of money and resources. We would need a back-up energy source in case nuclear power fails. One type of energy source could be solar power. Their environmental impacts are very low. Nuclear Power does not pollute the air either. It would be hard to get this type of energy to third world countries because most of them do not have the money or space for a nuclear power plant. They also would not have the required things to protect them from a nuclear meltdown or some other nuclear accident.