What I can do for CMS

Book Clubs

Book Clubs are a great way to keep students reading. Incorporating technology with book clubs wil allow more students to participate in clubs when they already have a busy schedule. Edmodo is a great tool to use. Clubs could meet in person less often when they join an Edmodo group, There could be on-line discussions about the book.

I would like have local businesses sponsor book clubs, for less than $200 10- 12 books, prizes, or food and drink could be purchased. Then students could keep the books and food always attracts students.


I have been the UDCA on the campuses that I have worked on since the state mandated them. I am very comfortable with this responsibility and do not mind continuing to have it.

UIL Coach

I coached a UIL team for the first time last winter and enjoyed the experience. I will continue to coach as long as there is a team for me to coach.