Among the Impostors

Margaret Peterson Haddix


Luke Garner- is an illegal third child.

Nina- was another former shadow child

Mr. Tolbolt- Lukes teacher

Matthew- Lukes Brother

Mark- Lukes Brother


Monday, May 13th, 11pm

His house

When hes about to go to bed he whispers to himself everynight "my name is Luke, my name is Luke."

Hall Monitor

Monday, May 13th, 12:30pm


Luke was shoved out of the the room by a hall monitor


Monday, May 13th, 6am

In HIs Yard

When Luke goes to check on his garden he sees that someone had destroyed it


Tuesday, May 14th, 6:30am


Looks and looks for clues to solve the mystery he goes to school trying to find out who had destroyed the garden of his who is the crucial person