My Digital Dossier

By Marina 7G

The Beginning

My digital dossier started before I was born. When I was still in my mother's stomach, a doctor took and ultrasound picture of me. The doctor, the hospital, and my parents had a copy of this picture. The hospital's computer system had a copy of the picture, so this was my first digital footprint. Next, my parents texted and phoned our family and friends, which left more digital footprints. When I was born, the hospital created documents of my gender, height, weight, etc., which was then put in a computer system. This was the beginning of my digital dossier.

Age 1 +

For my entire life up until now, people have taken pictures of me with digital and disposable camera's. The pictures on the digital camera's were uploaded to a computer or kept in the camera. Now the pictures of me were in files in the computer. I have also made many phone calls and have texted people [ occasionally ] throughout my life.

Age 7 - 9

When I was seven, I received my first device. It was a Nintendo DS. On the DS, there were records and save files of games I had been playing, when I was playing my DS and for how long. These were the first digital footprints that I had personally made. On my ninth birthday, I got a new Nintendo 3DS. On that DS, there was an app called Street Pass and an app called Swap Note. On Street Pass I could become friends and play games with other people who had DS's. I could also send notes to people on Swap Note. The DS also measured how many steps I took, how long I'd been playing, when I was playing, and more.

I left behind many digital footprints on both of my DS's.

Age 11 - 12

When I was 11, I got a tablet for Christmas from my grandma and uncle. This was when the majority of my digital footprints were created. Since I'd gotten a tablet, I opened my first email account. I also got a school email account that year [ grade 6 ]. I was sending emails to my friends and family, so there were copies of my emails in Gmail. Even when you delete the emails, there is still a copy somewhere. This was also when I started using Google often and social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. You could view my history and cookies on Google, and you could see all of my posts and comments on social media sites. There were and still are digital footprints everywhere. Even ones that I am unaware of, such as being in a car with a g.p.s.,etc.

So far

So far in my life, I have created many digital footprints ; a digital story of my life. Even before I was born, there have been digital footprints created about me. Today, I continue to create digital footprints and expand my digital dossier.