Guess What Eckert Did This Weekend?


Eckert Black History Program

Let's start off with Eckert's Black History Program.

Last Friday Eckert held a great Black History program that the audience loved. A step show by LOD, poetry and skits from teachers and students, and a wonderful gospel choir made up of our great staff taught us the importance of African American History. We truly have gifted bunch of students and staff at our school.

Eckert's DI Team Perform Great at their Competition.

Our very own Destination Imagination team, or Rockbots, placed 6th at their competition. Their category was Creature Feature and they did an amazing job their first time at competition. Their team mangers Abby Johnson and Melinda Villarreal have worked really hard with the Rockbots and are very proud. Great Job team.

Coach Sealy and the Basketball Team do it again!

Coach Sealy said that the Eckert Boys never stop playing hard despite the conditions of the weather. Our Lady Eagles played with heart and never have up. The team made it to the championship game and came in second place. The team has improved each and every game and Coach Sealey couldn't be more proud. Both teams have made long strides and practice hard each week. Both teams will be more than ready when they play on March 21st in a tournament at Aldine 9th and at our on campus on April 18th. Come out and support our Eagles. Great job guys and girls.

Lego Day at the Children's Museum

What does Raymond Academy, Alumni from Bethune Academy, and Eckert's eTech club have in common? They love STEM education and Legos. The schools had a chance to come together on an impromptu field trip to the Children's Museum this past Sunday to view the Lego exhibits. Fun was had by all as they marveled at the Lego creations and spent time at all the exhibits and hands on activities. You are never to old to learn about STEM. Your Eckert iTech especially had fun at the table cloth area. He finally got to live his life long dream of removing the table cloth with the plates still standing. This iTech smells a field trip coming on to the Children's Museum!!
Magic Table

Do you have a campus event that you would like to highlight?

Let your iTech know in an email so your Eckert event can get a special shout out. It is always great to see Eckert group activities happening on the weekends. We always represent our campus well.

If you are able to attend any after school or weekend events take pictures, send your iTech and email about it, and send out a Tweet to @EckertEagles.

Your yearbook coordinator, Mrs. Fallon Johnson would also like for you to download the FREE Replayit app. Download it, find our school, and send or download pictures to the app. They may show up in the yearbook.

You can also take pictures and share them with Mrs. Johnson on Google Drive. Keep an ear out for events that involve our campus, and try to attend. The students would love it.