The Great Wall of China

By: Jack Toal

Who built the Great Wall of China and when was it built?

  • The Qin Shi hangdi empire built it with the help of the Ming empire
  • By the state of Chy
  • 7th-8th century
  • It was not built all at the same time due to wars
  • 6,000 Kilometers long
  • Millions of people made the Great Wall
  • Some of which were soldiers, workers, peasants, slaves, convicts and war prisoners

Why was the Great Wall built?

  • The wall was defense to block enemies
  • Used for military communication, for example torches
  • To protect people from invaders
  • It was used to scout invaders
  • One million was estimated to have died during construction buried under or inside the wall

Some Pictures of the Great Wall of China

What is the Great Wall of China made from?

  • Stone, brick, tapered earth, wood and other materials
  • The walls are broken down after many years of erosion
  • The Ming wall measures 8,850 km
  • Four major walls: Qin, Han, Ming and Hongwu
  • Soil, brick kiln, sand and twigs were also used

What are some interesting facts about the Great Wall?

  • You can see if from earth's atmosphere
  • Rice was used as part of the paste when developing it
  • The Great Wall of China is also called the longest cemetery
  • The official length is 8851.8 km
  • Over 20 million people visit it each year
  • Some places of it are wide enough to drive a car across it
  • The most popular section of the Great Wall is Budaling
  • In the 2008 Summer Olympics the Great Wall of China was the finish line of a cycling course
  • President Nixon visited it which attracted more tourists
  • The Wall wasn't always joined together