''Gabriel's Triumph''

Author:Alison Hart By: Madison Nickells

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Story Plot

Exposition: The story, '' Gabriel's Triumph''takes place in July 1864 in the Lexington depot during a horse race. The main characters are Gabriel Alexander, Mister Winston Giles, Short Bit,and Jackson.Gabriel is just in the middle of a horse race when suddenly some one smacks him with a mahogany branch.He just pushes further ahead and SNAP someone smacks his horse with a whip across the face. He said to himself ''Come on Captian we can win this.'' Just at that moment they raced across the finish line.

Text Evidence Setting:'' Huff..... Huff.....Huff...... The colt Gallops toward the grandstand, puffing like a steam engine arriving at the Lexington depot.''P.1

Rising Action: Gabriel just got back from the race and is restinCaption from the race. Everybody was congratulating him with pats on the back and hey good job with a weird tone.Suddenly everybody was rushing around and leaving to talk to the other people and how they felt about a colored boy winning their race?

Rising Action: Gabriel was just grooming Captian so his coat would be nice and shinny for when Mister Giles comes to congratulate him and pay him 50$ for winning him his race against the other people.''Gabriel my boy, good job you won me lots of money .I did it for my Ma and i hope she is proud of me.'' While Mr. Giles is on the phone i look around and see a strange man looking at Captian. He says ''what you looking at colored boy. He just turned and walked away.'' He looked so suspicious.''When Mr. Giles Got of the phone there was some bad news.Mistress Jane was very ill so Mr. Giles had to go home but Gabriel was going to have to stay.

Rising Action When Gabriel was on his way home the next day they ran into the guy that was looking at Captian. They were Rebles from One Arms Raiders.Gabriel was scared to death that they would kill him for Captian. Everybody was scared even Jase.(he was Mr. Giles groom.)''We were waiting for them to make a move but everybody was just having a stare off.The Rebles slowly inched forward while we slowly inched back. Finally we turned and ran they chased after us for about an hour. I finally shoved jase off into the woods so at least he would live.'' Gabriel was just about to fall when he was smacked with a whip. Finally they just grabbed my bag of my shoulder and took my boots my food and the worst part they took captian.The next day when we got to the farm I was so scared to tell Mr. Giles about captian i slowly inched up the stairs to Mr. Giles to tell him the bad news.The next thing i now is that i'm on my way to saritoga . Last night Mr. Giles told me the great news and that he entered me in the saritoga chase and I almost passed out. That is one of the best horse races you ould ever possibly get a chance to be in. When he told me I was racing against Abe Hawkins an Gilpatrick I fell out of my chair i was so happy but by that point we were almost to saritoga where we would meet up with Mr. Baker and his slave Short Bit.When we got to the race track we met some interesting people before we met up at the race track. I was so nervous even though there was no audience. When Mr.Giles started the time Aristo raced forward and we mad a time of 45.3 second mile.We went back to Aristo's stall and i must have fallen asleep. Short Bit woke me up to the smell of smoke . I didn't know what was going on but I quickly opened Aristo's stall and rushed out of the barn and tryed to figure out what was going on. Suddenly I haer a hores cry and rush back into the smoke filled barn and see a small little mare standing in the barn and she looked so scared. I had to do something so I opened the door and tryed to pull her out of the stall but she just pushe dme off and I hit my head on the buckeet. The last thing I remember is Jackson pulling me out of the barn and standing me up.When I opened my eyes all I can see is Jackson looking at me and looking me over to see if I was hurt. The next thing I know is I'm on my way to the track.

Climax When Gabriel wins the horse race against Abe Hawkins and Gilpatrick .

Falling Action When Gabriel looks out into the crowd and sees Mr. Giles giving him a thumbs up, and to see Jackson running down to see me that's what makes me happy.And it's not just the fame it's when I get to show the world how awsome my horse is.

Resolution Fame and winning feel so powerful they're bursting my head inside.But now I know that this was a great journy it;s only the beginning

Conflict / Character Analysis

Protagonist: Gabriel and Jackson Gabriel is the good guy because he has saved a horse and beat the reble raiders twice.Jackson is the good guy because he saved Gabriel from the fire and he helped Gabriel get himself together.

Antagonist: Mr. Baker,,New Castle because there was a reason to believe that Mr. Baker set the fire. And new castle was the person who stole Captain from Gabriel.

Man vs. Man : In the story ,it is Gabriel vs. Abe Hawkins because Gabriel is the first black jockey to be entered in the Saritoga Chase and Abe was the all time champ of the race and was the hardest person to beat.

Man vs. Society :Gabriel vs. people in the stands because they aren't very comfortable with a colored boy winning a race in their town.


The theme of my story is that don't always have your heart set on one thing (dream) .In the story when Gabriel wins the race he acomplished his dream he didn't know what to do next.

Four Fun Facts

1. In 1863, Abraham Lincon issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing many of the slaves in the United States. but in several border stateslike in kuntucky, Lincon allowed citizens loyal to the Union to continue to own slaves

2. In the 1800s, most hotels,and shops were built of wood.They were also heated by wood stoves.Barns weremade of wood and filled with hay and straw. Fires were common and often deadly. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 killed 300 people and burned 17,450 buildings.

3.In July 1864, shortly before Gabriels fictional journy to Saritoga, fireworks were set off of the back porch of a store. Buildings along 200 feet of Broadway burned , including a blacksmith shop , a soap factory and an ice house.

4.From the begining of the Cival War, the Union Armycould impress both free and slave black men for labor.

Historical Setting

The setting affects my book because if this story would have taken place in the 21st century in stead of the 1800 there would have been a big difference. For instance there would be no slavery no conflict between Back vs. White , we would have no reble raiders and expecually the way they dress.
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Horse racing accident averted. (contains profanity)