Summer 2018



The Mirrormont Country Club has a couple events coming up so mark your calendars!!

** SUNDAY, SEPT 16th, 2018 - FALL TUCK-IN EVENT **

This is our annual event to "tuck in" the pool and clubhouse for the season and a chance to work off your volunteer hours if you've not done so yet! More information will be emailed to members soon.


This event is our way to show our appreciation for our MCC members and is a great opportunity to meet other members and your Board. We will be sending additional information as the date gets closer, but meanwhile please mark your calendars!

If you have any questions about either of these events, please contact

Kim Maeda at mirrormontccvolunteer@gmail.com

LIFEGUARDS! Who are they and thank you!

As we move through the summer months, we see a lot of different lifeguards around the clubhouse keeping a watchful eye on the pool and keeping us all safe.

We thought it might be nice to introduce you to the lifeguards. When you're at the pool say "Hi," introduce yourself, your family and friends. We are lucky to have such a great team!

Our Lifeguards for the 2018 Season:

Sierra, Olivia, Megan, Anneleis, Avery, Brennan, Sara, Lauren, Andrea, and Ryan


The next time you are at the Clubhouse, you will notice that the ping pong table and foosball table are gone. You'll see from the pictures below that both pieces of equipment have been damaged beyond repair. This is not the first time we have had extensive (often intentional) damage to these games and due to this, we have had to remove them from the Clubhouse. We will not be replacing them at this time.

While we don't like the idea of "punishing" those members who *have* been respectful of the clubhouse property, we just can't keep fixing or replacing damage caused by those individuals who are not respecting our property. This might be a great opportunity to talk to your kids about behaviors when in the clubhouse and what to do when they see property being mistreated.

If you have any further questions about this, please contact Christine Sample at mirrormontcc@gmail.com. And thanks for understanding as we work through how best to handle having communal games/activities for kids at the clubhouse!

Updates to Website

Pool and Club House Rentals

We have a new person supporting the Club rental position: Krista Holmes. She is doing a great job updating the process of rentals. If you are interested in renting the Clubhouse please start with reviewing the rentals section of the website. You can find the calendar, rental agreement, fees and contact information.

Pay Dues

We are now using PayPal to give our members an additional option to pay dues.

There is a new tab in the top navigation "Membership Dues"

You can now pay all dues online.

There are 9 options to select from:

  1. Jan - June Dues - Membership only - $360.00
  2. July - December Dues - Membership only - $360.00
  3. Maintenance Fee - Only - $253.00
  4. Jan - June Dues & Maintenance - $613.00
  5. July - December Dues & Maintenance - $613.00
  6. Jan - December Dues only - $721.00
  7. Jan - December & Maintenance - $978.00
  8. Tennis Membership Only - $103.00
  9. Social Membership Only - $206.00

Pay Now >>


Maintenance fees are assessed at the first of the year but not collected until the end of the year to give members time to complete 6 hours of volunteer work. If you choose to leave the club prior to the end of the year, you will still be responsible for the $250.00 maintenance fee or 6 hours of volunteering.

Replacement Key Card

If you happen to lose your keycard and you need a replacement card, go to the website and submit a request for a new card, Just a reminder there is a $10 charge for replacement key cards or tennis keys.

Request a new key card >>


August 12th – Sunday – 11:30am– 9:00pm
August 13th – Monday – 11:30am– 9:00pm
August 14th – Tuesday – 11:30am– 9:00pm
August 15th – Wednesday – 11:30am– 9:00pm

August 16th – Thursday – 11:30am– 9:00pm

***UPDATE - Pool will be closing at 8:30pm starting Friday August 17th***

August 17th – Friday –11:30am– 8:30pm
August 18th – Saturday – 11:30am– 8:30pm

August 19th – Sunday – 11:30am– 8:30pm
August 20th – Monday – 11:30am– 8:30pm (Swim lessons 9-11:30am)
August 21st – Tuesday – 11:30am– 8:30pm (Swim lessons 9-11:30am)
August 22nd – Wednesday – 11:30am– 8:30pm (Swim lessons 9-11:30am)
August 23rd – Thursday – 11:30am– 8:30pm (Swim lessons 9-11:30am)
August 24th – Friday –11:30am– 8:30pm
August 25th – Saturday – 11:30am– 8:30pm

August 26th – Sunday – 11:30am– 8:30pm
August 27th – Monday – 11:30am– 8:30pm (Swim lessons 9-11:30am)
August 28th – Tuesday – 11:30am– 8:30pm (Swim lessons 9-11:30am)
August 29th – Wednesday – 11:30am– 8:30pm (Swim lessons 9-11:30am)
August 30th – Thursday – 11:30am– 8:30pm (Swim lessons 9-11:30am)
August 31st – Friday –11:30am– 8:30pm

September 1st – Saturday – 11:30am– 8:30pm
September 2nd – Sunday – 11:30am– 8:30pm
September 3rd – Monday – 11:30am– 8:30pm

For full schedule check the Pool News page >>

Contact Information

Questions can be sent to the general email and we will get it to the person who can help.

If you have a specific question for any of the areas listed below, please feel free to reach out directly.