From The Old To The Middle

The Life Of The Middle Ages

The Life of A Future Knight (Description Writing Piece)

I was sent to training school at the age of seven. I didn't know what was going on, I was just a kid. Also, I was scared because at the age of seven you are sent off to some big house to become a page who trains to become a knight.

As a page I learned manners and I also got to learn battle skills and battle stances. We got to practice with a wooden sword and with wooden horses with the other pages. Another thing we got to do was practice sword fighting on each other and it was a lot of fun. Also I got to run errands across the kingdom from the trainers. I felt like I was losing some weight from all of the running.

I did that for seven years, it was a lot of hard work. My next step to being a knight is a squire which is an apprentice of a knight. I got to shine his armor, feed the horses and take care of them. Also, I got to follow him into battle so if he got hurt I could take him back on his horse! We got to practice with swords and I learned horsemanship. The best part was playing with the swords. I got to do that so I could fight with him. The hardest part was learning how to ride a horse with no hands because I need both hands to use the sword.

After all of those 14 years of training I was ready to go fight as a knight. I got to go to the dubbing ceremony. But the sad thing was I could not get dubbed by my dad or trainer. I was lucky enough to get dubbed by the king. After that day I was a knight and forever will be a knight.