WMS Community Bulletin 3-28-20


Watertown Middle School 2019-2020

Hello Watertown Middle School Community,

Hello and Happy Saturday! I hope you are able to get outside for a bit as, according to the meteorologists, today is the pick of the weekend. As I'm sure you have all heard by now, the Governor has extended the school closure until May 4, 2020. Although I was not totally surprised, I was still disappointed to hear the news as I am missing being at school and seeing students, faculty, and staff! Watertown is a strong community, however, and we at WMS will continue to work together throughout the next five weeks and beyond to offer rich learning experiences and provide social-emotional connections and support for all of our students and families.

Below you will find links to weekly cluster schedules and teachers' Google Classrooms, although students already have most of the links and passwords to their teachers' Google Classrooms. Over the next weeks, we will be working toward providing parents/guardians with outlines of the learning activities teachers are posting. Middle school children are at that complicated age where they are seeking academic and personal independence but most likely still need support and guidance from the adults in their lives, even if they do not like to admit it. :) A phrase you have heard often these past few weeks and will continue to hear is that "we are in this together". We absolutely are. WMS faculty and staff will stay in close contact with families and together we will get through these next few weeks. Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. We will do whatever we can to help!


The administration and technology team are working hard to ensure all the students have access to computers and the internet. If you have any questions or needs surrounding access, please email Mr. DelPorto at jason.delporto@watertown.k12.ma.us

WMS International Cookbook Information

Social Distancing

We need to follow Governor Baker's "stay at home" order and continue to practice social distancing. It is crucial in helping to "flatten the curve" and slow the spread of the virus. I am sure it is challenging to keep your teens from gathering in face-to-face groups of friends, but it is critical that we do so. Routines will help you to achieve this more easily, and you can see sample ways to do that on the same Extended Learning Opportunities website. I know some teachers have been suggesting routines to your students as well.

Dr. Galdston has started to say that we are practicing physical distancing but building social connections through Zoom, text, email, Facetime, phone calls, and/or talking outside at least 6 feet away. I like this thinking! We will continue to build our WMS connections, even if from afar!

We will get through this together as a Watertown Middle School Community who is part of the amazing Watertown Community as a whole. Please do not hesitate to reach out - we are here to help.

Take good care of each other,

All my best,


A Free Webinar for Parents/Guardians!

Parent & Family Tips for Helping Middle Schoolers at Home
Jack Berckemeyer, author of Managing the Madness – A Practical Guide to Middle Grades Classrooms, provides pragmatic tips, mixed with his trademark humor, to help parents enjoy this time at home with their young adolescents. Invite your parents and families to this can’t-miss event!
Monday, April 6, 2020, 3:30-4:30 pm ET

Link to information and sign-up

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Weekly Cluster Schedules / Links to Schedules

Cluster 1: Here is the LINK to the Cluster 1 weekly schedule.

Cluster 2: Cluster 2 Weekly Assignments 3/30-4/3

Cluster 3: Here is the LINK to the Cluster 3 weekly schedule.

Cluster 4: Here is the link to the Cluster 4 General GC:


Students should go to this site daily and to check CLASSWORK for the details of the specific assignments, which are listed by subject and/or teacher.

Cluster 5: Here is the LINK to the Cluster 5 weekly schedule.

Cluster 6: This document has all of the Cluster 6 assignments for next week. We will also be posting this doc to the Cluster Google Classroom.

Weekly Specialist Schedules / Links to Schedules

Spanish: See Ms. Kaczowka's Google Classroom codes below

Reading: See chart below

Phys. Ed.: See Google Classroom codes below.

Health: See Google Classroom codes below.

Art: See Google Classroom codes below.

Tech. Ed.: See Google Classroom links below.


6th grade band/percussion:


7th/8th grade band/percussion:


Ms. Kaczowka's Spanish Google Classroom

Spanish grade 8 Period 5: p7eab4s

Spanish grade 8 Period 7/1: xqsafww

Spanish grade 7 Period 1/7: 2tje36q

Spanish grade 7 Period 2: fue32ih

Reading Classes

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Mr. Loughran's Tech. Ed. Google Classrooms

Grade 6 Technology Education Google Classroom



Grade 7 Technology Education Google Classroom



Grade 8 Technology Education Google Classroom



Google Classroom Codes for Art and Grade 8 Drama

Class: Code: Teacher:

Drama Grade 8. qo7vngv Laurie Ellington

8th Grade Art zp7hi7w Karen Stern

7th Grade Art kvg3nsk Karen Stern

6th Grade Art pbwbypp Karen Stern

Advanced Art worejy6 Karen Stern

(my apologies for the formatting!)

Physical Education (PE) and Health Classes Information

Looking for information from Health and PE? All information will be posted on Google Classroom. We will provide weekly learning and enrichment activities for you to participate in while away from class. If you discover your child(ren) are not in a Health and/or Physical Education Google Classroom yet please join using the codes below.

Health Education Class Code: 5laucot

Ms. McLaughlin- Physical Education Class Code: mf3lwnf

Mr. Johnson- Physical Education Class Code: qrdd4ra

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Remote Learning Updates

Here are the Remote Learning Updates I included in Wednesday's bulletin. I am leaving them in the bulletins for now as important reminders.

I will start this update with some thank yous as well. Thank you to all of the teachers, IAs, admin. assistants, custodians/maintenance, food service workers, nurses, IT dept., administrators and other school personnel who have been working together diligently to put together learning and technology support and food support, etc. for all of our students and families! Such a wonderful team effort! Thank you also to students, parents, and guardians for working with us as we learn this "new normal"! There have been and will continue to be highs and lows for all of us, but it is comforting to know we have each other and will persevere and be successful as a WMS community!

We are halfway through our first week of remote learning, and I would say we ALL have been learning a great deal about how to best communicate and work together in this new situation. As a school and a district, we have been having many discussions and ZOOM meetings to determine what will be most effective for students and families during this time, and it is an evolving process. Here are some important facts for all students and families to know, and more will be coming:

  • Students should be checking their email every day for updates
  • HR teachers sent out an initial email to all students. If you have not responded, please do.
  • Students should be checking their Google Classroom sites daily as well. Please respond to your teachers. Just like exercise keeps our bodies healthy, learning keeps our brains healthy and growing!
  • Not all teachers' and/or clusters' guidelines will look exactly the same. If you have a particular question for a teacher, please email.
  • If you have any concerns about your child, please reach out to their guidance counselor.
  • Ashley Cohen, grade 6, ashley.cohen@watertown.k12.ma.us
  • Amanda Skypeck, grade 7, amanda.skypeck@watertown.k12.ma.us
  • Tom Cloherty, grade 8, thomas.cloherty@watertown.k12.ma.us

Zoom Meeting Workshops for Parents/Guardians

In an effort to help parents help their children get on to Zoom Meetings and Google Classroom, Rashmi Pimprikar and Kate Phillipson are offering a workshop on how to use Zoom, and, if time allows, Google Classroom. Each one will be in English with interpretation in Spanish or Portuguese.

Parents/guardians should click on the link to join the workshop. If you would like to join the workshop and are having trouble, please call Kate Phillipson at 617-581-8200 and she will help you join the meeting.

Parent Meeting - Spanish 3/31 5 pm

Parent Meeting - Portuguese 4/1 5 pm

Community Meetings and Expectations

Many teachers and students have started meeting on ZOOM or Google Hangouts/Meet for face to face Community Meetings, and it has been great to "see" each other and re-connect and catch up with each other. :) However, there are certain expectations we have for these meetings. The teachers have conveyed them to the students, but we ask that you please reinforce them with your child(ren).

  • Please follow school dress code (no pajamas)

  • School appropriate language and behavior

  • Respect each other during the meeting

  • Students (and teachers) have the option to turn off their video if they are more comfortable participating that way

  • The Community Meeting will not be recorded by the teacher, and no part of it should ever be recorded by a student.

  • This is a fun way to re-connect, but we also need to keep it school/professional. Everyone should be sitting up as we would in a classroom. It is possible to change the background of the video if you would rather no one sees your location.

  • Should anything inappropriate occur during the Community Meetings, the teacher will report the behavior to Mr. Del Porto or me, and parents/guardians will be contacted. The incident will be recorded just as if we were in school.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher or me. If you have technology issues or questions, please reach out to Mr. Del Porto at jason.delporto@watertown.k12.ma.us

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources

The SEL section of the WPS Extended Learning Opportunities website is up and running, and it is fantastic! Check it out here: WPS Social Emotional Learning Resources
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Updates from Ms. Maroni-Wagner in the WMS Library

The direct webpage address for the WMS Extended Learning Library resources is https://bit.ly/wmslibextend and is also linked at the top of my Library website.

On the page are instructions and tutorials for the following platforms:

  • How to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from the Watertown Middle School digital collection (Destiny Discover)
  • How to search, browse and borrow eBooks and audiobooks from the MLS Commonwealth eBook Collection (Sora)
  • How to search, browse and borrow from the WFPL digital collection (Overdrive). As Rashmi emailed earlier, the WFPL has expanded their collection recently.
  • How to search, browse and borrow from Hoopla

Students only need their school email & address to borrow from Destiny Discover and Sora. Students need a library card to use Overdrive or Hoopla. All these platforms are accessible via web browser, but also have apps for tablets and phones.

Great news- ALL MASSACHUSETTS RESIDENTS can sign up for a Boston Public Library eCard online, and can use Overdrive, Hoopla and much more! To get a BPL eCard, visit bpl.org/ecard. This information is also posted on my webpage, and I created a tutorial on how to get a BPL eCard, sign up for the WFPL digital collection, and sign up for Hoopla (linked on the webpage).

These resources are a starting point. Stay tuned for info on book clubs, author read-alouds, summer reading updates, and more.

Watertown Library Updates - Let's all get Reading!!

Many of you have asked how to help...

One important way to help is by donating to the WATERTOWN FOOD PANTRY.

The Watertown Council on Aging administers the Watertown Food Pantry, which provides food assistance to any Watertown resident in need.

LOCATION: The Food Pantry is located at the rear of the Belmont-Watertown United Methodist Church at 80 Mt. Auburn Street. The entrance to the Food Pantry is around the left corner of the church (formerly St. John's) from the parking lot at the side of the building, basement level. Look for the Watertown Food Pantry signs.

DAYS and HOURS: The food pantry has changed their days and hours due to COVID-19. They are only open Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm until further notice. This is a link to the town website with the information.


CONTACT: Call the Council on Aging/Senior Center at 617-972-6490 for more information, to volunteer, and to donate.

Dr. Galdston's Update 3-24-20

Here is the information that Dr. Galdston sent out on 3-24-20:

Good evening WPS families, faculty, and staff:

During this extraordinary time we find ourselves in, I want you to know how much we all appreciate your compassion and patience as we join together in support of the children. As we settle into this new virtual educational reality, I want to share a few updates and reminders with you.

Elementary and Middle School Conferences

The elementary and middle school conferences that were scheduled to begin tomorrow are postponed with new dates to be determined. Our staff are currently engaged in learning how best to work in an online environment and therefore are not able to provide feedback to parents/guardians about student performance at this time. When we return to school, we will reschedule our conferences and look forward to these important opportunities for partnering together on your child(ren)’s education.

School Nutrition

Our wonderful School Nutrition Department is providing breakfast and lunch for all families who need this support. Please stop by the High School faculty parking lot off of Broadway Street between the hours of 11 am to 1 pm to pick up the meals. All we are asking for is your name and the number of lunches your family needs. Currently, we are providing meals on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you are not able to pick up these meals, but could use them, please email lunch_line@watertown.k12.ma.us. I am most grateful for our school nutrition workers and custodians who are keeping this operation open during the closure!

Extended Learning Opportunity Website

As a reminder, the WPS Curriculum Team has created a helpful and extensive Extended Learning Opportunity Webpage for your use during the closure, which includes grade-level specific resources, digital learning opportunities and social/emotional learning resources, all of which can be accomplished at home. This webpage is intended to be a guide that you can adjust to meet the needs of your family as you support your child or teen in balancing on-screen and off-screen tasks while they are out of school, and is supplemental to what our teachers are providing students in their communications. Our goal is to enrich and reinforce learning, and to support you as you are home with your children. If you need a device for your child to access the online resources, please email your principal this week.

Community Meetings

Beginning this week, our teachers will hold Community Meetings in an effort to reach as many of our students as possible. Not only are the Community Meetings a great way for teachers to check-in with your children, but it also allows us to continue to narrow down the number of students who may not be able to connect, which is critical to our success with remote learning activities. Community Meetings will offer our students a chance to reconnect and be social with each other with our staff there to facilitate the conversation. We will be using Zoom and Google Classroom or Google Hangouts for the meetings, and teachers will send out information about the meetings via email. If your teacher uses Zoom, these meetings are live and will not be recorded. Teachers will provide guidelines and norms for the Community Meeting and we ask that you please have a conversation with your child over appropriate behavior during these group meetings.

As always, I will update the community as soon as we have any information to share from the Commissioner of Education.

With great appreciation,

Dede Galdston

Watertown Middle School

While we are out of school, please email with any questions, or text/call my work cell (617-631-6807)

Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Thank you,

Donna Martin, Principal