AM National Newsletter

#13 | Week 3 | October 2015

Big image E-Mails for Newies until end of the month!

To better coordinate e-mail requests with AI's Global Support Team, AIESEC in Malaysia pledges to have every new member fill in the e-mail request form (click the button below!) until the 29th of October! Every Team Leader is responsible to ensure that every single member of theirs has their e-mail request submitted or else they will risk the danger of having a very very long time until they finally are assigned an e-mail by AI.
Don't delay to tomorrow what you can do today - it only literally takes 30 seconds of your members' time!
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Partnership Launch with Shell - Benefits for you!

AIESEC in Malaysia and Shell have just officially launched their partnership for the current term!

One of the key bonding elements of our national partnership is actually an amazing opportunity for you: the global Shell Ideas360 competition! Shell Ideas360 is more than a connection of students to develop ideas to tackle the pressures on the world’s Food, Water and Energy resources. It’s an exciting journey of learning and discovery. Collaborate with like-minded innovators, Shell experts and mentors to expand your horizons!

We will open the registration form for AIESECers soon, so keep your guard high and enable yourself to win fabulous prizes like a National Geographic Adventure of your choice or a trip to the UK, all in addition to the amazing boost that the participation will give in terms of CV quality, networking and personal idea development.

Operations Update - State of (Em)Urgency Declared!

Let's take a break for something serious and urgent - hear this message from our very own MCVP Operations John on the current state of AIESEC in Malaysia's Exchange management.

How are we doing and how far are we in fulfilling our Winter Peak promise? What are the gaps that our results so far are showing?
Discover the answer to these questions with this short 5 minute video!

Operation is delayed
Don't forget to check the weekly operations update on the Malaysian AIESECers Facebook group to understand who were the Top 3 performers in all programs across Application gathering, conversion to In Progress and Matching so that you know who you should look for for good case practices!

YouthSpeak Updates - Our National Heroes

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YouSpeak Malaysia has been launched more than 1 week so far in our website, facebook page and newsletter, and we have 1073 post reached on Facebook this week and 197 responses which make us the top 4 globally!

However, we have still long way to go to hit 2500 responses by end of December 2015. Hence, we have YouthSpeak Heroes- 13 LCs representatives, 3 media coordinators and the OCs (5 more SU representatives coming soon) on board with us to provide platform to Malaysian youth to voice out!

*Please give them support whenever you see them and a thank you to our very own national PR Director, Pravin Nair for leading the team!

The Road to AMAN 2016 Updates

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Two new awards revealed this week! It's the Individual Star Awards!

Unlike all the other awards, that recognize efforts led by teams and LCs, the Individual Star Awards draw out specific members that differentiate themselves by their unique contribution to our two focus programs: iGTP and oGCP. Find out what is the criteria below!

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The awards are out and only one is left to be revealed! Bring on the excitement as the Road to AMAN 2016 continues! Stay tuned next week as we publish the Road to AMAN 2016 Portal where there will be a summary of all the awards!
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What is the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> Chairing Cambodia National Conference

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> LCVP Coaching and Functional Visit Plan and iGTP GST implementation

Manu (OD)

-> LEAD Summit Planning and R&R Portal

JT (Expansion)

-> OGX Winter Peak support & tracking and Expansions and OCR support

Jane (oGCP)

-> Spark Conference Faci in Thailand

Edward (iGCP)

-> East Malaysia visits

Peter (iGTP)

-> LC Visit to USM and FallCo Faci in Hong Kong

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> EP Booklet Promotion and FallCo Faci in Hong Kong

Erik (S&S)

-> S&S Feedback & XPP Tracking and LEAD Conference coordination

Paul (Marketing)

-> Cambodia Conference Faci and My Parents said Yes editing

Kenny (BD)

-> Maybank, British High Commissioner and TalentCorp meetings