English 10 B

Week 5 April 2-6

A week for writing!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and enjoyed their extra time away! It was wonderful to meet and hear from so many families at conferences last week. It was a wild week with those early outs, conferences, college/career planning, and the pickleball tournament! We did not get as much done as I had hoped in class, but that's okay because we can catch up this week. Our focus this week will be on writing a literacy narrative. We have been studying the elements and structures of these essays and we are ready to tell our own stories.

What's Ahead This Week

Monday No School

Tuesday Colon usage was abandoned last week! We ARE going to return to this grammar concept on this day because students will be required to use a colon correctly in their own literacy narrative. We will review and practice in class and there will also be homework given. Then, I will introduce the requirements for the literacy narrative assignment. You can download the assignment sheet from the link below.

Wednesday We will check the homework from the previous day and then jump into some quick writing prompts for the literacy narrative. These writing prompts should get students thinking and brainstorming about what their essay will be about. There will be in-class writing due this day.

Thursday We will begin class with a test over colon usage. Then, we will practice ways to begin the literacy narrative. We will "try out" a few essay hooks using writing prompts in class. There will also be in-class writing due this day.

Friday Writing day! After SSR, students will have the entire class period to work on writing their literacy narrative. I will be checking in with each student to ensure they have a topic and direction. Their first drafts will be due on Monday!


  • Due Tuesday Colon Practice
  • Due Monday 4/9 Literacy narrative FIRST draft

Tenth Graders Enjoyed the Pickleball Tournament!

Midterm Reminder

Midterm is Friday, April 13! The literacy narrative project WILL be counted toward the midterm grade. Make sure all work is in and that you're doing your best!