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Jan. 21, 2022 Update

Emil's Frozen Pizza Sale - Ends Monday Jan. 24

Emil's Pizza is based out of Watertown WI.
Their frozen pizza's are made with fresh ingredients purchased locally.
Prices are similar to grocery store prices. Families can stock up for easy meals and for the Super Bowl!
Each pizza sold will generate $1 to band member's ledger account. Funds can be used for multiple band expenses, for details view Fundraising FAQ's

Click to view and print order form 2022 Order Form

​​​Important Dates for Pizza Sale:
Sale begins January 10th - 24th
Enter Sales online on Google Form by January 26 by 10PM
Pickup Thursday February 10th at the High School Band Area 4pm
Money Due by February 19th, drop off at 144 Broome St, Sun Prairie - Kelley Ruplinger/608-577-2222
Questions: Contact Michelle via email:

Spring Fruit Sale Ready To Go

Sell dates Saturday, Jan 29 -Feb 12 (however, you can start today!)

Orders due Feb 12 (Saturday)

Delivery March 12 (Saturday)

Money due March 19 (Saturday)

All of the details, order forms, and links can be found HERE

Scholarships Are Available!

Each year the Bernie Powers Band Foundation provides multiple scholarships for students in the Sun Prairie Band Program. To learn more please read the descriptions below and visit their website here to learn more and to find the scholarship application process.

All applications are due Friday March 11, 2022

Percussion and Guard Rehearsals Begin This Sunday

The Guard and Percussion Section are important areas of any marching band.

The "Guard" or "Color Guard" refers to the students who add many visual effects to the performance. From spinning flags to intricate dance moves, these students create spectacular sights to compliment the sounds.

The Percussion Section involves two main areas:

The Battery - this includes the snare drums, bass drums, and tenors. Specific instrument assignments are usually done via audition after a few rehearsals.

The Front Line - this includes all of the mallet instruments as well as synthesizers, timpani, cymbals, and a host of other percussion instruments. This is a great place for students to consider if they play an instrument that does not "march" in Sound such as the flute or double reeds. Folks with piano background would also find many opportunities in this section.

Students in Percussion and Guard will begin rehearsals a few weeks before the winds. Rehearsals will take place from 12:30-3:30 PM at the high school on these dates:

Jan 23

Feb 6

Feb 20

Unlike the Wind and Percussion sections, students in Guard do not have to be enrolled in band. Students interested in either Percussion or Guard are encouraged to attend the January 9th Open House Rehearsal to learn more!

Leadership Workshops

Sound relies on student leaders within the ensemble. In order to develop that leadership potential, we will hold four leadership workshops in February from 3:30-4:30 PM at the high school. Any students planning to participate in Sound this year and who are interested in developing their leadership skills can participate in these workshops. From this group we hope to find our Drum Major for the season. The Drum Major plays a significant leadership role in the marching band by conducting along with other musical and organizational tasks.

SOSP Kickoff Meeting and Registration

The "official" beginning to the season for all members is at our Kickoff Meeting on Feb. 22 at 7:00 PM at Sun Prairie High School. On this evening, caregivers will meet in the High School Orchestra Room for an informational meeting while the students will meet in the High School Band Room. This meeting will cover all aspects of the 2022 Sound Season including final details about the Florida trip. Students will find out the show theme, enjoy some pizza on us, and receive a special gift!

Registration for the 2022 Sound Season will take place on Saturday, Feb. 26 between 9 am and Noon at Sun Prairie High School. Caregivers will need to stop by this day to complete the forms and complete the registration process. This sounds like a lot, but don't worry we will make it easy!

Feb 26 Is The Final Day To Register For the Florida Trip

As you know, this year's Sound Season will include a trip to Florida to perform at Disney and/or Universal Studios! Please consider registering for this trip now and not waiting until Feb 26.


  • Registering now will allow you to start making payments for the trip.
  • Registering will help us to support your fundraising efforts.
  • Early registration will help us to determine staffing, transportation, uniforms, etc.

Important Dates

Feb 22 - SOSP Kickoff Meeting - 7:00-8:00 PM (HS)

Feb 26 - SOSP Season Registration Day (HS)

Feb 26 - Florida Registration Deadline

Previously Shared Information

SOSP September 15 Meeting Recording

Many thanks to all who attended last night's meeting either in person or virtually. If you could not make it, no worries! We recorded the meeting and have included the documents shared below.

We are excited about the upcoming 2022 SOSP Season and our trip to Florida. We hope that your child will join us for this amazing 50th Anniversary Season! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Our "hub" for all things related to SOSP and the Florida trip is our website (link button is below).

  • Registration for the Florida trip is now OPEN on our website. After viewing the video and reading the materials contained in this newsletter, we would encourage you to register for the trip soon, even though the deadline isn't until Feb 26. Your registration will help us to plan and will allow us to support fundraising efforts.

  • The Florida trip is part of the 2022 Sound Season. Only students who participate in the Sound Season are eligible to go on the Florida trip.

  • Formal registration for the Sound Season will take place on Feb 26.
9 15 21 Sound Of Sun Prairie Florida Meeting


Here are some FAQs regarding Sound and what happens next-

Q: When will we sign up for Sound and the 2022 Season?

A: The official registration date for Sound is Feb 26, 2022. However, we will ask students and families about their interest level in the next few weeks. Families will also have the opportunity to set up an account with our travel company and start raising funds for the Florida trip on Sept 15. We also plan to hold an open rehearsal on January 9th so that students can experience some of what we do (similar to what took place this fall).

Q: When do Sound rehearsals begin and how long are they?

A: Our tentative schedule for the 2022 Season can be found by clicking the button below. Keep in mind that things may change, but this will give you an idea of rehearsal dates and times.

Q: Why does Sound rehearse for so many hours in the summer?

A: We are very careful not to rehearse too long on weekends during the school year. We work hard to balance getting enough time in to generate the skills needed to be successful when we go "full time" following the conclusion of the school year. The summer hours are long but they are broken down into segments filled with a variety of activities and games. As the veteran members of Sound (and the alumni) will tell you "the days are both challenging and rewarding." Sound presents an opportunity for students to really focus on doing one thing really well for a few weeks in the summer. The intense focus not only creates a rewarding performance but develops a sense of community not often found in other places.

Q: How can I find out more about Sound?

A: Check out our website located here:

Q: What do I do if I have more questions?

A: Feel free to contact Mr. Gleason!


Please contact Chris Gleason if you have further questions. He can be reached at

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