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Creating 21st Century Learners April 2019

Ohhh, What else is inside MyBackpack ........ Tutor ATL

Through a very special grant, students in Atlanta Public Schools have access to personal tutors to assist them with homework each evening. Students only need to login into Mybackpack and click on the TutorATL icon. A certified tutor will interact with students to provide homework assistance. This service is free and available daily. Students can also upload essays and complete online worksheets and quizzes to give them practice on an array of subject areas. I look forward to sharing this interactive tool with your students!
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Discovery Education

Discovery Education Your educational partner Is located in MyBackpack

Discovery Education or DE for short is a powerful tool that offers students a database filled with commercial free videos on a variety of subject areas, teaching tips, teacher guides, student assessments, writing prompts, projects, and more. I regularly place lessons, video, and articles into the Learning Content by grade level and subject. Students learn a great deal from what they see and DE lets them see many types of content. Please come see me on Mondays after school to get a full demo!
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Spring Into GMAS Action

This is a great time of year to help students become familiar with all of the tools that they will need to employ for a successful GMAS score. There are several mechanism already in place to assist students and teachers to become successful test takers.

  1. Utilizing the Ga Experience practice portal closing out lessons is an ideal way to find out which learners are grasping the information
  2. Myon usage helps students learn how to use the online tools within GMAS, such as highlighter, stickers, and note-taking features; and learning to read for information
  3. Using the GMAS game, helps learners become familiar with the vocabulary that is utilized on the GMAS.
All of these are strategy tools to help our young students to approach the assessment with confidence.