Grade 3 Newsletter Easter Term

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Friday 23rd January

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Next week our virtue is Tolerance.

Tolerance is being tolerant is accepting differences. You don’t expect others to think, look, speak or act just like you. You are free of prejudice, knowing that all people have feelings, needs, hopes and dreams. Tolerance is also accepting things you wish were different with patience and flexibility.

Language Arts and Spelling

This week in language arts we have created imaginative and fantasy poetry. We were able to comment on the use of similes and expressive language to create images and atmosphere. We have also focused on comprehension and learnt how to summarise a text and be aware of the gist, the key ideas and main points of the poem.

Next week we will be producing descriptive, imaginary pieces of poetry, be writing free verse and be experimenting with simple forms.

We will also look at fluency in reading where the children select poems which are ‘good fit texts’ to encourage them to read with a high degree of accuracy and automaticity. Our grammar focus will be learning about singular, plural and collective nouns.

IPC Unit of Work

This week in IPC we have been enjoying delving deeper into the rainforest. We have enjoyed finding out more about a particular rainforest and have continued to develop our knowledge and understanding. In class, we divided into focus groups and took on an area of research that is of particular interest, including animals, tribes and deforestation. Following on from our research we considered ways we can present our knowledge and considered how this can be displayed creatively as part of our Exit Point for this unit.

Next week we will be finding out more about deforestation and looking at reasons why people are destroying the rainforest. We will consider different perspectives and show our understanding through a class debate.

Trip to Butik Batok


This week in Grade Three, students were introduced to our new unit: Measurement.

We will be learning to measure length, mass and volume. This week we practiced measuring length using centimetres and metres, with an introduction to kilometres and students are learning how to convert various measurements.

Next week we will continue to develop our knowledge and understanding about measurement as we experiment with mass.
We will learn about kilograms and grams, practice measuring the mass of a variety of objects and converting measurements

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Maths homework to be allocated by the teacher.

Rainforest Products Homework- Due Monday 2nd February.

instruction to follow.


Monday 2nd February- Global Family Parade

Thursday 5th February- Global Family Festival Concert Day

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