FALLing Into First Grade

October 2016


In Language Arts we have been learning about Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives. Students are able to tell us what the function of each of these are and whether the nouns are Singular or Plural. Common and Proper Nouns are being introduced.

We are learning new vocabulary words each week and we are talking about their meaning all throughout the week. Then the students are able to draw a picture of the word or write it in a sentence. It is amazing how much they are really getting the hang of it. Each student has a GROWING VOCABULARY to document the words they are learning.

We are also using EDITING marks in their writing so that they can begin to edit their own pieces of writing. We love reading about the students' personal experiences and also stories that they create from their imagination. If your child enjoys writing we encourage them to continue writing stories at home.

Please help your child remember to bring his/her RED READER and BOOK IN A BAG back to school each day. It is important since we don't have any extras and we use them at teacher table and in groups several days a week.


We are so pleased at the turnout for our First Parent-Teacher Conference Day. It is great to see how many parents love to be involved and help their child/children.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we are beginning our unit on MAPS. Your child will be using a globe, atlas, and maps. They will learn how to read a map and also how to read a map key. The students will be looking at maps of their neighborhood, city, state, continent, and world.

We will also be teaching them about landforms and bodies of water. They will get to see photographs of landforms, as well as creating a booklet on the different kinds.


Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 9am-2pm

8525 Garland Road

Dallas, TX

We are so excited to let you know that we will be going to the Arboretum on a Field Trip. Students will be attending a class on Habitats and then they will get the chance to explore the Children's Garden. Every student needs to bring a Sack Lunch on that day. We sent home a notice last week about what your child needs to be prepared.


MUSIC MAKERS is our next unit of study. Students will be learning about force, motion, and energy. The student will learn that force, motion, and energy are related and are a part of everyday life. The students will be expected to identify and discuss how different forms of energy such as light, heat, and sound are important to everyday life.

They will design and create musical instruments with a variety of sounds to play. We are asking that parents donate some supplies to make this a fun learning experience. If you have any of the following items we would love to use them for this unit:

  • beads
  • rice
  • chopsticks
  • empty cans with no sharp edges
  • egg cartons
  • pie tins
  • disposable cups (paper, plastic, or Styrofoam)
  • rubber bands
  • paper towel rolls
  • bells
  • plastic bottles (ALL SIZES)
  • small boxes
  • anything your child may want to use to create an instrument


Remember that your child needs a Healthy snack for school each day. We eat our snack at 1:45 when the students return from Specials. Some ideas are crackers, pretzels, peeled orange, apple bites, granola bar, banana, carrot sticks, and grapes. Please try not to send cookies, chips, or fruit rollups. Also, since this is a time that they are still doing work Cheetos are not a good idea since their little hands turn orange and get all over their paper.


Don’t forget that Student Council is collecting bags of candy to be DONATED to the troops. Bring your bags of candy or bag up your extra candy from Halloween on or before November 2nd!


If you haven't signed up for REMIND through your child's teacher please do so. Important reminders are sent periodically through this app. Not sure how? Contact your child's teacher.