Mrs. Poppens' December Newsletter

What's Happening in the Library!


Kindergarten students have been practicing finding the just right books. In the November, they began finding nonfiction books for their "school" book box. In the coming months, Kindergarten students will be introduced to the author Mo Willems, a kindergarten favorite.

First and Second Grade

First graders have been using Epic (online ebooks) to practice writing good questions before reading a book. Students are given a list of nonfiction animals. If you get a chance, check out the EPIC website or app. It has a great variety of books online and many of them are audio.


Second graders are on their first leg of learning how to use the online catalog to find books of interest and of need. The first leg is knowing how alphabetize. Their first activity was working with a partner to alphabetize a list of Thanksgiving words.

Third Grade

Starting this month, 3rd graders are working on the skill of using the online catalog. With a partner, students are practicing looking for and writing down the correct information from an entry in the Destiny program. Next steps will be using the information found on the catalog and finding it in the correct area and shelf. This is the pattern I teach them to use for finding books:

A - Area (can be FIC, E, GN/Joke/ Number or BSKT)

S - Shelf - most are in ABC order

T - Title

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders started a unit on Plagiarism, Copyright, and Fair Use. In class, When Marion Copied was read. Discussion was held around the author's message. After reading the books, students were asked to write any questions they still have after the book.

The next cycle we posted their questions and are reading an article that will cover their questions. Moving forward, we will learn about copyright, fair use, and public domain. While we learn about these topics, we will be practicing paraphrasing, summarizing, and citing sources.

Fifth Grade

5th grade students just finished a fun project using Tagul - an online program that makes word clouds. Students were given instruction on important parts of the program and then were allowed to play. From their play, they created a word cloud that was made into a bookmark.

Next up is looking at reliable resources especially in the reference section of the library.

Carol Poppens - Woodland Hills Teacher-librarian