Top 10 Worst Vicious Villains.

by Jim Pipe reported by James Tabony.


A villain is someone who carries out wicked acts or crimes. When you hear the word "villain" you probable think of a bad guy in a movie or in books. There are villains throughout the world sometimes you see a villain without even noticing him. Different names for villains are highwaymen, gangsters, bandits, and outlaws. Those villains rob just to get rich, but some villains just kill for fun. Some people think Robin Hood is a hero, but actually he is a villain. In some medieval versions he is common murdere! Villains do really bad things to people, so why are they so fascinating to people? The answer to that question is that villains have many fun, cool, and dangerous stories but some have nasty and disgusting stories. I choose this book because I would like to learn about villains and why they would they do bad things to people and how they became villains.

The Thuggees

This picture reminds me of the Thuggees. They have killed 50,000-2,000,000 people. They were so fearsome, they gave the world a new word, " thug" in the 1800s