Beth Crane, Block 1

3 physical properties

1. Changes from a gas to a liquid to a temperature of 182.96 degrees C

2. Can be solidified or frozen at a temp of -218.4 degrees C

3.Exists in all three forms- Solid, Liquid, Gas. Liquid and Solid forms are a pale blue colour.

The picture to the left is representing the electron shell of oxygen

3 chemical properties

1. supports combustion

2.can be separated from air

3. can combine with most elements

Uses of Oxygen

In hospitals, oxygen supplies are kept in stock for patients who have trouble breathing.

Oxygen is needed by all living organisms.

Oxygen attaches to red blood cells in our body to feed and nourish our organs.

Has 4 isotopes


The human body requires oxygen to live and function. When one is deficient in this element, it can be replaced chemically. Did you know the body can replenish oxygen levels through exercise and nutrition? Eating foods high in fiber, low-fat diet with high amounts of fruits and vegetables can improve blood oxygen levels. I am promoting the natural way.