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CRE Full Day Pre-K Class

Upcoming Dates

Spirit Wear:

May 13: CRE: Dress in CRE shirt or colors

May 20: Prince/ Princess Theme

May 27: Beach Day: Wear Hawaiian shirts, shorts, flip flops, leis

Other Important Dates:

May 13: Library Day (Last Day to Check-out Books)

May 19: Last Day to Charge on Cafeteria Account without Money

May 20: All Books Must Be Returned to Library

May 20: Popcorn and Punch

May 27: End of the Year Party at 10:00

June 2: Last Day of School/ Early Release qt 12:30

Sidewalk Chalk Writing!

Parachute Fun!

May 12, 2016

Thank you!

Mrs. Hammock and I can't say thank you enough for your outpouring of love during Teacher Appreciation Week. You made us feel like Rock Stars! Thank you for the yummy treats, beautiful flowers, sweet notes, and generous gift cards! We were overwhelmed! It is an honor and privilege to teach your children each and every day!

Our Favorites!

This week, we are remembering our favorites of Pre-K. Monday, we shared what our favorite activity has been during this year of Pre-K. We are enjoying those specific activities each and every day. We have painted, played in our home center, played with our friends, and measured and sorted animals. At the end of the week, we will enjoy sidewalk chalk outside!

The end of the year assessments are also taking place in our class! It is amazing to see how far your children have come this year! They have learned and grown so much this year!

The Pledge of Allegiance and The Pledge to the Texas Flag!

Texas flag

Meeting Mrs. Staten's trantula, Ocho. We were all very memorized by the big spider!

Big image

May 5, 2016

This week, we learned about "pet" animals. The friends in our class would love to have dogs, cats, turtles, birds, and fish for pets!

Hammie the Hamster came to visit us with Mrs. Thacker! We were able to see where she lives and what she eats. We learned that she might be a little scared around 22 fun friends.

We were also able to hear a book about a bear who has a little boys as a pet! It was funny! We enjoyed their visit.

On Thursday, we made a house for two "pet" lady bugs! We will see how our ladybugs like living in our classroom!

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April 28, 2016


This last week, we have started to learn about all kinds of animals! Farm animals, Zoo animals, and other fun animals! Next week, we will have a special "Pet" guest along with a Special Guest Reader!

Friday, May 6 is bring your "pet" stuffed animal to school day. We will have a time of "Show and Tell" of our favorite stuffed animal!

We are prepared!

This week, we had a few drills to make sure we are prepared in case of an emergency! Monday, we had a fire drill during Nap Time! All of our friends did a great job getting up and out of the classroom!

Tuesday, we had a severe weather drill during breakfast! We enjoyed singing our favorite songs in the girls' bathroom with Mrs. Staten's class.

April 21, 2016

Exploring Seeds, plants, dirt, and other fun things!

These last few weeks, we have learned about seeds, plants, dirt, and other fun things!

We have made our own greenhouses to watch lima beans grow. We have seen firsthand how plants drink water by placing celery in glasses with green and red water. We have planted grass seeds and will see what happens to our plants this next week.

It has been a busy and fun week in our Pre-K class!

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Checking out our Lima Bean Greenhouses!

Pre-K Full Day Teaching Team

Cynthia Turner, Pre-K Teacher

Melisa Hammock, Pre-K Paraprofessional