Aubrey Clark

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The life of Aubrey Clark.

I was born on March 23,2006. When i was about four or five years old i had to be in the hospital because i had a kidney problem. I had to get surgery a couple times.One day my family and my familys friends brought me gifts and homemade cards. My favorite card was the one i got from my aunt,it was a jellyfish.
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My orginization

After i got the jellyfish card my mom and i had the idea to start an orginization. The orginization was called Jellyfish Wishes. Jellyfish Wishes was to make cards and send them to kids in the hospital,and sometimes we made gift baskets to send to them to. We also have our own P.O. Box to collect cards from other people too.Every year I have a booth at something called A Butterfly Walk,the Butterfly Walk is a bunch of booths some are games and some are to make things.Well mine is to make cards for kids in the hospital.At the Butterfly walk their is also a 5k run a 3 mile walk and races for kid 1 to 12 years old.The lady that started the Butterfly walk was because her daughter had cancer.

My favorite things.

My favorite animal is a giraffe. My favorite store is Justice. Purple is my favorite color. My favorite thing to do in my free time is spend time with my family and do gymnastics. My favorite dessert is cake and cupcakes.
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My favorite animal is a giraffe a giraffe is pictured above.


I like to work very hard in school.My favorite special in school is gym. My favorite subject in school is math reading and science. I can't wait to be in fifth grade and i am exited to meet a new,great,and amazing teacher!
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