ENSC 4401 Certification Preparation

for Professional Soil Scientist

Instructor: Dr. Mary Savin

Office: AGRI 105B

Lab: AGRI 124 or 127

Phone: 575-5740

E-mail: msavin@uark.edu

Office hours: Mon: 1:00-2:00; Tues: 3:30-4:30; appointments as needed

Class meeting times: Monday, 3:05 - 6:00

Location: Class in PTSC 007

Credits: 1

Prerequisites: CSES 2203 Soil Science, other soil courses beneficial

Course objectives

1. To prepare students to successfully complete the Fundamentals of Soil Science examination.

2. To prepare students to be Professional Soil Scientists.

This class is meant to reinforce concepts and skills already learned in other soil science courses and to provide the opportunity to prepare to take the Fundamentals of Soil Science exam, so that if so chosen, students may pursue certification or licensing as soil science professionals.