Our Weekly News

March 31st to April 4th

April Life Skill

Sense of Humor

Language Arts

We read the story "Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend" this week. The story talked about moving into a new neighborhood and trying to make new friends with people that we might not usually be friends with. Friendship stories are always great for kiddos this age! They continued to practice decoding unknown words using context clues in their books.


We began working on opinion writing this week. Our class made a pros and cons chart on whether or not we should have a pop machine in the cafeteria. Each student picked a side that they wanted to support and wrote about it. We practiced supporting our opinion with at least 3 reasons and then supporting each reason with another detailed sentence. Ask your child this weekend how they felt about having pop machines in the cafeteria at school!

Word Work

Next Week's Irregular Words (same as last week)

love, above, gone, new, few

Next Week's Spelling Words

wrench, whisper, chatter, chin, bench, such, why, much, while, whale, lunch, chain


This week we began our unit on measurement. We practiced measuring the length of different objects with blocks, paper clips, and inch rulers. Next week we will finish up our study of measurement with inches and feet and take the Chapter 8 test.

I also sent home a math packet on measurement today. This is NOT homework, but simply extra practice for your student on the concepts that we are learning in class. If they complete the packet and turn it back in to me, they will earn a reward in class.


From now on, I will be sending the weekly fluency passage home on Fridays. It should be in your child's back pack tonight. I want to make sure that each child is reading the passage 4 times on 4 different days. I know that schedules during the week can be very busy and sometimes we forget (I won't tell!) to read at night. By sending the fluency passage home on Fridays, you will have 3 extra nights to complete the weekly homework. They will still be due on the following Friday every week.

Star of the Week

Below are the stars of the week for the remainder of the school year:

Week of 4/7 - Kendal

Week of 4/21 - Logan

Week of 4/28 - Cohen

Week of 5/5 - Missy

Week of 5/12 - Rayna

Class Helper of the Day

Monday - Logan

Tuesday - Cohen

Wednesday - Missy

Thursday - Rayna

Friday - Mia

Specials Schedule

Monday - Art

Tuesday - P.E. - wear tennis shoes!

Wednesday - Library - bring back your library books (if finished)!

Thursday - Music

Friday - P.E. - wear tennis shoes!

Important Dates!!

Spring Pictures

The very last day to order spring pictures is on Wednesday, April 9th. Please send the order form and money back to school with your child if you wish purchase these.

PTA Skate Party

Thursday, April 10th, 6-8pm

1020 Kent St

Liberty, MO

This month's theme is Blackout-Flashlight Party. Bring your flashlights and glowing or flashing things to the party and skate in the dark!

$3.50 to skate, $2.50 skate rental, and $3.50 inline or speed skate rental


Friday, April 18th, 9am-4pm

425 Claywoods Pkwy

Liberty, MO

Enjoy Good Friday at home and a long Easter weekend :)