Gender & intercultural learning in Euromed youth projects


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I-GENDER is a training course for youth workers and youth leaders who would like to explore the role of gender in intercultural education and to share, learn and develop non formal learning methodologies to work with young people on gender issues and gender equality promotion within the frame of intercultural learning and in a project with an intercultural dimension.

The course is designed as a mutual learning situation where all participants can contribute with their experience and where the vast regional diversity in working on these topics will be endorse as an opportunity to explore more and further into the social and personal meanings of these concepts. Specific workshop and input will be provided by the team in order to allow participants to explore how the intersectionality of cultural identities is expressed in gender roles and perception and develop approaches and an educational curriculum they will apply in their local contexts.

What for

The objectives of the course are:

- - To develop a deeper understanding on the different gender related issues - on personal, interpersonal and social level - and how they are related to cultural identities;

- - To offer reflective approach to participants’ role as youth workers with reference to gender, examining their own behaviours, practices and approaches;

- - To assess and reflect upon general and regional specific issues and challenges related to women’s participation and gender equality;

- - To facilitate a space to share and exchange approaches and experiences in working on gender issues within projects with a intercultural dimension, promoting mutual learning and intercultural understanding;

- - To develop youth workers and youth leaders’ skills and competences in leading non formal education activities aimed at tackling gender issues efficiently when working with the challenge of diversity (national, religious, linguistic, cultural, lifestyle, etc.);

- - To train participants in gender awareness and anti-discriminatory practices;

- - To provide participants with different methods/tools to ensure gender equality and sensitive work in all project phases: design, implementation and evaluation;

- - To create an environment conducive to developing innovative operational tools and methods that can be used in youth work in multi-cultural contexts;

- - To create an educational curriculum to work on gender issues in educative projects with an intercultural dimension which will be adapt and applied by the participants in their local contexts;

- - To motivate and enable participants to act as multipliers, to transfer their knowledge, skills and methods into their NGOs/surrounding;

- - To improve networking amongst youth workers in the EuroMed region.


The course will be inspired by the principles of Non Formal Education and all the sessions will be based and structured through the pattern EXPERIENCE-FEEL-REFLECT. Theoretical inputs will set the framework and experiential learning will be the main working approach.

Our approach will be devoted to allow pax to put into practice their learning, through sessions where they will be mastering their competences in designing an educational curriculum.

For whom

- This course is targeting youth workers, youth leaders and trainers who work on intercultural dialogue, tolerance, intercultural learning and/or gender equality in their local contexts as well as on international level.


The project will be submitted the 15th of December 2015.

The course will be implemented in November 2016.

Economic conditions

The project - if approved - will be covered by the Anna Lindh Fundation grant in terms of travelling, board and lodging expenses according to the current financial rules.

Partners have to co-fund the 20% of the costs and in-kind contributions are also accepted by the Anna Lindh Foundation.


Send us an email to euroaccion@gmail.com with your expression of interest not later than 8th of December!
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In cooperation with the Regional Authorities for Youth of Murcia Region

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Project funded by

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