Noyce Pathway

to Science and Mathematics

Presented by: Kathleen Roberts

Let's Teach!

1. Knowledge of Technology and Manual Processes

2. Reading and Analysis of the Course of Study for various subjects/pacing guides

Prior experience teaching 9th grade. Lesson Plans were due Monday morning sharp!

3. Address Student Misconceptions

Science misconception #1 - SCIENCE IS HARD!!!!

4. Classroom Management

Lee Canter..
Always have something to do.

5. Use of Technology to enhance lesson; Teacher Resources test banks; Power points, workbooks

6. Special Populations

IEP Preparations are ideal and important.

Visit to Vigor HS

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  • Vigor is remarkably clean and modern
  • Vigor is well - equip to provide up-to-date experiences for their students
  • Vigor actively pursues opportunities on behalf of their students
  • Vigor employs some of the most caring teachers