Tips on being Healthy and Safe

At Workplace

How is this relevant?

In lesson 8 we talked about workplace health and safety. Many companies lose billions of dollars due to employees getting hurt at work. So in this lesson we learned what we would do in a workplace emergency and how to prevent them as well. The lesson really focused on how to maintain a better health for the employees as well. Here are some examples of a few.


The last thing people think or want to do it to exercise. Even though you might dislike exercising, your body and health love it. By doing simple exercise, at work or at home will better your health rapidly. It will also help you as you go along in your work day. Soon you will be tackling the work day with more energy than you ever did before. Below are some examples of office workouts.
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It's easy to slip and just eat something you can get fast, like a cheeseburger but this is a big no! People that say that they don't have time to wait are more likely to end up becoming overweight. So maintain a healthy diet to avoid this.
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This is one of the most common things that people face at workplaces, which is very unhealthy. When faced with stress just remember these simple things. Take a breath, visualizes yourself in a peaceful setting. This is taking your mind off the situation that is stressing you out. Another thing you could do is take a walk to calm yourself down. Then third, maybe enroll in a yoga class that's key goal is to take away stress.

Now on to Safety

Workplace safety is a have important topic that we covered in this lesson. One of the things we learned is that business lose billions of dollars each year do to employees getting hurt. Something to remember if there every is a workplace emergency is AID. The A stands for ask for help. The I for Intervene, but ask the hurt person first. Than D which means do not harm, as in do not move the person from where they are.
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