Introducing the Flappers

The Flapper girls of the Roaring Twenties

Significant and Background information about the Flappers

Important because women started to become themselves and be more independent. It was uncommon for a girl/women to act and dress the way flappers did. Their behavior was uncalled for. Most people referred to it as a phase women were going through. Teenagers and Women bobbed their hairs, shortened skirts, started dating, and buying their own cars, and properties.

Time Periods as Flappers


Changing values and times of the 1920's and How the topic was treated.

Many elders looked down on the flappers because they thought the flappers were acting like guys but in a feminine way. The change was that the ladies became more independent and when they became flappers they wanted to keep that independence and not lose that feeling of being independent. The topic was handled between the middle. Modern day people thought it was cool and fun but more religious people were totally against it and thought they were breaking the rules and not being a lady at all.

Places Flappers were Popular

New York, America, and Great Britain

Important Flappers in the 1920's

Colleen Moore: was the earliest film actress to be typecast as a flapper. Gilda Gray: was not the first to dance the shimmy but she made it popular. She is known as the "Shimmy Queen." Talllulah Bankhead: is known for the women who laughed a thousand drag impressions.