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December 8-19, 2014

Announcements and Coming Up

December 23 is a half day of school.

January 5, 2014 will be Day 6.

A Glance into 3G

Genres in literature are important for children to know as they begin finding their own sources for research, as well as finding books to read for entertainment. The children went shopping through some old Scholastic Book Orders to uncover the genre by reading the books description. As they are very accustomed to, they also gave evidence for choosing the correct genre.
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What type of learner are you? Our Guidance Counselor, Ms Coluccio, came in and introduced the students to the multiple learning styles. The students took and assessed their own learning style quiz.
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After learning about pitch and using tuning forks to draw conclusions about high and low pitches, the students experimented with vibrations and sound waves this week.

More specifically, the used wood, aluminum, and string to determine which material sound passed more easily though. The most popular prediction: string/The result: wood.

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3G loves cursive handwriting...
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"The book didn't tell the answer"... is sometimes the truth!

As we read more complex texts as 2nd trimester third graders, the above statement is becoming more and more true. Authors do not explicitly state all of the information readers need to have clear comprehension. Students need to combine their schema with the text clues to form new ideas about characters, plot, etc.

This week, we practiced inferring with pictures and then moved to books with The Wretched Stone, by Chris Van Allsburg

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