Mission To Mars

Tucker Carroll, Riggs Ryer and Andrel Corra (made by Tucker)

Men To Mars

We analyze Mars in order to see if it is able to be colonized. Also to learn if it has enough of the same attributes as Earth.

Day And Night On Mars

Day and night is measured by taking the time it takes for a planet to rotate completely. For a planet to have. day and night it needs 2 things, a sun, and rotation. Mars will have day and night because it rotates every 24 hours and 39 minutes. It also revolves around the same sun that we have on Earth.
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Years On Mars

A year is the measure of time it takes for a planet to orbit the sun. a Mars will have a slightly longer year than Earth. This is because Mars is the next planet out from Earth. Mars has a 687 day year, while Earth has a 365 day year.

Seasons On Mars

Mars will have seasons similar to Earth because the Axis of Earth and Mars are not all that different. Mars rotates on a 25.19 degree axis. Earth rotates on a 23.5 degree axis. This will make similar seasons to Earth but they will be longer because Mars has a longer year.


Phases of Moons

Phases of moons are the amount of light shown over a period of time on a moon.Mars has two moons Phobos and Demos (shown below). Lets start with Phobos, it travels around mars 3 times a day. Also Demos, similar to our moon travels around one time around mars. Note: do not run on these moons they are small enough that you can achieve liftoff. Yes Mars will have phases of moons, but, they will be sped up.
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Eclipses on Mars

Lunar or Solar eclipses are when the Earth blocks out the moon with its shadow or when the moon blocks the Earth out with its shadow.Eclipses on Mars are possible. Phobos and Demos revolve at 1 and 2 degree angles. This is similar to Earth because our moon revolves on a 27 degree angle. Eclipses can occur and even more often than Earth because it has two moons.

Tides on Mars

Though Mars has moons in order to have tides there is not enough water in order to have tides. It is too cold to have enough water. All of the water is frozen on top of the mountains,

so, even if the water was melted it would not have enough water to have tides.


Mars and Earth are very similar. The two planets both have the same star to rotate around.

The days are a little different in time ( our day being 24 hours and Mars' being 24 hrs and 39 min). They are different though, there is not a lot of water, unlike Earth with a 77 precent of our planet being made of water. Also the year is much longer, so if some seasons like winter are bad, they will be bad for longer.This is just some of the information that we need to achieve our goal, get to Mars.