Riley Vann


Someone who studies the behavior, origins, genetics, diseases and life progression of animals and wildlife. Zoologists have to be very patient when observing animals. Some are also involve sin conservation projects. Study physiology, classification and distribution of animals.

Education Needed

The minimum education is a bachelors degree. If you get a masters degree then it could lead to higher qualifications.


low- $44,456 a year

medium- $67,950 a year

high- $98,227


Zoologists do not usually work in the U.S. they usually work for a government agency or institution.
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Continued Development

A zoologist can get further developed by getting their masters degree. It gives them the opportunity to get higher qualifications.

Why am I interested?

I love animals and would love to learn more about them and work with them.

Fun facts

It is rare that a zoologist is just a zoologist, they usually also write research papers and reports. As a zoologist you must be able to travel a lot for research.