Team Faith

February 2014 Newsletter

Hey Ladies!!

Happy February!! Hope your all off to a Great Start! Several of you have already entered Parties & we have some new Team Members this month already too!

We have LOTS going on right now with an Amazing new Catalog, amazing Hostess & Customer Specials, National Conference Bucks earning period, Leadership Retreat earning period, and Team Faith Incentives! If you haven't responded to me yet, please tell me what Motivates you?!

We have lots to Celebrate for January so lets get right to it!

Top in Sales, January 2014!

  1. Kristi Hewell..... $1315.
  2. Krystal Wilson..... $1144.
  3. Ashley Pitcher..... $863.
  4. Kristy Brooks..... $439.
  5. Jennifer Purcell..... $372.

Welcome to the Team!

  • Krista Winstead.... Recruited by Kristi Hewell
  • Harley Bare..... Recruited by Krista Winstead
  • Jennifer Rogers..... Recruited by Mary Payne

Getting to know your Thirty-One Sisters...

Every month were going to be "Getting to know" each other... this month I want to share just a little bit about myself with you all...

First of all, I am a Mom of 3, 2 Girls, Mackenzie (12 yrs old.) & Emma (7 yrs. old) and a little boy, Andrew (almost 4 yrs old). I am an Incredibly Proud Army Wife. My husband, Joey, was medically retired after serving for 12 years, in 2009. He was injured in Afghanistan in 2005 & its been a struggle since. He's been diagnosed with Malaria, Degenerative Disc Disease, Severe PTSD & Moderate to Severe TBI. I share all of that with you because its a Huge part of "My Why" with Thirty-One and also so you understand if I'm at appointments with him and cant respond right away. We live in the home that my Grandparents built & my mother was raised in, in Asheville NC.

My favorite color is Hot Pink, I love Starbucks. I shop at Target entirely too much. My Favorite Restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory. I'm going to buy myself an Infinity QX56 when I promote to Executive Director. And when I promote to National Executive Director, I want a Beach House... probably near Savannah. I'm not much for cold weather, I prefer to be laying by my Pool. If you cant reach me anytime from May- Sept, chance are that's where I am. Grab your Bathing Suit & come on over :)

I joined Thirty-One almost 3 years ago. I had been a stay at home mom for 5 years & was really needing some Girl time. With 3 children & my husband, I was struggling to find "Me". I had many reasons why I shouldn't join. I was Busy. I didn't know a lot of people. I'd done other direct sales and it hadn't worked. But after hosting my first party and hearing all my friends tell me I should do it, I talked to my husband & decided to make a go with it. Didn't have much to lose right? Worst case, I was only out the $99 and I got to keep all those bags!

Since then, I have met so many incredible women. Hostesses, Customers, And many fellow Thirty-One Consultants who I now call my "Sisters". I promoted a year to the day that I joined & have loved every minute of being a "Director". There are few moments I find more rewarding than seeing a fellow sister succeed. My favorite part of being a Director is watching my Team Members faces light up at National Conference as they witness what Thirty-One is truly about for the first time. I encourage each one of you to attend as soon as possible. You will see first hand why they say "Thirty-One is more than just a Purse". Walking the stage last year was a huge accomplishment for myself & I hope that each one of you get to experience it. I was so incredibly Blessed to have several of my team members there screaming my name as I walked. I can never explain how amazing that felt!

Most importantly, I want you to know that when I say "I'm here to help", I mean it. I never want you to feel like you are in this alone, or be frustrated because you don't know the answer to something. I want to teach you where to find the answers so not only will you know the answer, but also so when your new recruit asks you, you will be able to teach them.

I often Pray about my Business, asking for reassurance that this is where HE wants me to Be. I Believe that everything happens for a Reason & I'm determined to make something Good come out of every situation, even the worst. I know that HE has used Thirty-One to bring certain people into my Life exactly when I needed them and I am so grateful for that. I often look for those "Signs" that I'm where I should be & I often share with you All when I see those signs! I have two Tattoos, I have one on my foot that says "Faith" and one on my wrist that says "Let Go Let God". My Faith is not small, but I am a Worrier. My tattoos are my reminders to have Faith in Him and let go of my Worries. I doubt not my Faith, but myself. I worry not of Failing myself, but of Failing You. Matthew 17:20. "Because you have so little Faith. Truly I tell you, if you have Faith as small as a Mustard Seed, you can say to this Mountain, "Move from here to there", and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

I hope you all will enjoy getting to know one another better. The paychecks are great, but the Sisterhood is Amazing! Thank You all for being on this Incredible Journey with me!

Next month, I'm going to ask Kristi Hewell & Melissa Cook to share with us! (You don't have to share as much as I did, but would love for you both to share with National Conference 2013 Experiences with the Team!