Great Sale of a Slave

The finest slave girl around

The more they do


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"' Shhhh!' Ruth said, putting her finger to her lips and standing as still as stone ... [Becky replied] 'She means to use Ruth as her personal maid...Ruth can fan her when she's hot, or stir the fire when she's cold.'"
This young girl by the name of Ruth is a slave girl from Rhode Island. She is quiet, obedient and hard working. She has worked as a personal maid and has many skills to show for it. Being around ladies and gentlemen she knows all of the proper etiquette and rules for interacting with them. This girl does so much that you will find yourself putting your feet up and reading the New York Times in front of a warm fire. Becky, a white household slave, observed the girl and can tell you that she is very reliable and ready to help. Having only an older sister, she is ready to be shaped and molded into the best slave she can be. What ever you need she will be there, your household will never be the same again until you buy your very own Ruth. Slaves don't get any better than this. (This girl even comes with a free blanket and shoes).


BY: Laurie Halse Anderson
Historical Fiction