Oil Spills

Blake Baltazar

Main issues

Oil spills damage beaches,marshlands, and fragile marine Ecosystems. when the oil reaches the beach it coats every grain of sand and rock.


Negative Effects on the enviremont

When the oil stops floating on the surface of the water it starts to sink. the oil then kills the fish that are essential links to the food chain. Oil spills also kills many birds. Birds that swim and dive into the water are the ones that get covered in oil. Oil spills also damage their nesting grounds.


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Areas near North America

Oil spills effect the Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. Oil spills also effect the coastlines around North America.

What wildlife is most effected by oil spills

Oil spills mostly affect whales, dolphins, sea turtles, fish, and birds. Coastal wetlands and intertidal zones are also affected by oil spills.


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How the wildlife gets affected by oil spills

When seabirds dive to get fish they get covered by sticky and clingy oil. The birds can aslo swallow some of the oil when they are eating the fish. Some birds get covered by so much oil they arnt able to fly anymore.


Do oil spills affect our lives in League City

When oil spills occur they mostly occur in the oceans. Most fish try to come to the inland shores to get away from the oil. Most of the oil doesn't reach League City but there's a possability.

Are people affected by this

Many people are harmed by oil spills. The disaster in 2010 killed 10 platform workers and discharged 210 million gallons of oil. The disaster caused a serious health risk to 44 million people. many businesses depend on the Gulf of Mexico.


What causes oil spills to occur?

Oil spills in the ocean are cause by accidents involving tankers, barges, pipelines, refineries, drilling rigs, and storage's. they can also happen by natural disasters including Hurricanes. Terrorists, and illegal dumpers can also cause oil spills.


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Once an oil spill occurs many local states or countries volunteer to help clean it up. Booms, skimmers, sorbents, and vaccum trucks are all ways that help clean up the spilt oil.