African Photographs!

Photographs taken in Kenya, during October, 2012

We came! We saw...

...and we'll never forget! This was a remarkable journey to the wonderful nation of Kenya, providing us unforgettable memories of Africa, its people, customs, and magnificent wildlife!

The Photographs are Here!

This is your invitation!

Provided here is a link to the Albums of photographs taken by Kirk Stephens during this trip... I've weeded them down to less than 800.

Of course, these are free for you to look at and download, just try to make sure you download the full-sized version (Original Size) of each photograph you want. That way, they will be full-size and full resolution...

If you like, you can have the option of having some printed right from the website at very reasonable prices from the company (something like 15 cents/print) - and delivered right to your door.

Note that you will need a password to enter the albums... Just think of how refreshing one of your favorite African Beers would taste right now! ( tusker <--- that is the password)

Later on we will add an album that will easily allow you to add to and share photographs of your own from this trip that you think others would be interested in.

Susan & Kirk Stephens

Susan & Kirk have been traveling to every American state, and 30 foreign countries, and it just amazes them that traveling could be more exciting, fulfilling and memorable with every new country they visit. They particularly enjoy the many wonderful people they have met and shared their journeys with along the way.