Oil is a very commonly used non-renewable resource. It is also called Petroleum, crude oil, gasoline kerosene and fuel. It is used in our every day life. We use it for transportation, heating and waxes. Oil is a yellow-black liquid made up of large quantities of dead organisms found underneath the surface of the earth.

Why we need OIL

We need oil because it fuels up vehicles so they can transport us to where ever we need to go. We also use it to heat our home. It is also used in normal plastic and waxes. Oil company Owner need it to make money.
Extreme Oil Drilling

Used In Everyday Life

How Extracting Oil Affects Humans

There are oil spills sometimes that make it hard for humans to use the water And also to catch seafood. Oil spills also cause carbon to go into the air. It costs a lot of money to repair this damage.

This is how an oil spill looks like

How to reduce negative impacts

To reduce negative impact, We mustn't drill oil out of the ground. It affect a lot of marine animals. Animals die easily when i a habitat withe petroleum. Humans are also affected by oil spills.